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Furious Angel
07-04-08, 23:59
I cry as I walk through the twisted door
I canít see a way to help my tormented friend anymore,
His soul has gone cold; heís in a bad state,
He needs me to help him, I am his mate.

Iím twisted and torn and stuck in a rut
I know I can help him if he lets me in, but,
Iím stuck on the outside, cast away from the heat,
I need to get back in but the wall has me beat.

I canít lose to a wall as a life depends,
On whether he can see it and make amends,
I try to break the wall itís stuck fast,
Whilst my friend is stuck in the past.

I take down the wall brick by brick,
And hope he will wait patiently for a bit,
I try my hardest to super quick,
And pray the loose bricks donít tip.

I have the wall low enough to climb through,
And my friend, I run straight to you,
I life you up and carry you out,
And tenderly stroke your hair throughout.

I have you safe I put you down on a soft bed,
I watch you sleep and the cute way youíre led,
I go back to the wall and brick it back up,
Make it triple thick to save you with luck.

From returning again to your darkest moment,
And take you so the darkness is distant,
Iíve brought you out I wont let you go,
The one Iíve come to love is the one I know.

Love Furious Angel xxx

08-04-08, 00:07
Very evocative & thought provoking. Sad and yet victorious. Hope from despair. Thank you

08-04-08, 00:16
aww hun its brought a tear to my eye well done
keep it up

love n hug

lea xx

08-04-08, 00:48
not bad angel not bad keep it going xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx