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Granny Primark
13-04-08, 08:13
Any of you interested in a meetup somewhere in the Stoke on Trent area?
Theres enough people alone in this area I should think to have a meet up.
But others from outside the area would be more than welcome. Along with partner of course.
I thought of a pub where perhaps we could sit outside if the weather was nice and have a meal, or a drink and good old gossip.
Somewhere like the Horn and Trumpet on Leek Rd. Milton or perhaps the China Gardens on Festival Park.
Any suggestions would be welcome.

Take care

13-04-08, 15:43
Hi Lynn,

I think a meet up would be an excellent idea and also the fact that partners etc are welcome. I still don't know many places in Stoke, but I do know the Horn and Trumpet. Another suggestion maybe is The Ashbank Hotel??

If I can think of any others, I shall post them.


14-04-08, 00:34
hi lynn b great idea love meet up in stoke b great if we cud meet up at pub and have drink and meal .xi no the horn and trumpet also no china gardens both nice pubs x

14-04-08, 00:47
I am only 40 miles away and will fit in with what anyone wants

15-04-08, 21:46
hi lynn, sounds like a lovely idea. count me and partner in as i cant make the alton towers trip

16-04-08, 12:45
Hi, when r u thinking of meeting up?

17-04-08, 12:50
are u guys already meeting up or has this subject moved to another thread?

17-04-08, 16:10
I currently live 2 mins from the Horn and Trumpet.

It's a nice pub, but full of kids at certain times. You will have to pick your day well.

Is there anyone from the Blurton/Longton area on here?

17-04-08, 17:00
Hi...No we havent met up already, I think grannyprimark is waiting to see what response we get first.

Are we looking at a day during the week or a weekend??


Granny Primark
17-04-08, 17:57
Well i did think about a sunday, but everywhere gets really busy.
Perhaps a Thursday lunch time would be ok.
Any suggestions would be welcome.
The horn and trumpet do 2 courses for £3.95 monday to Thursday but it has to be before 6pm.
Wednesday night if anyones interested is curry and a pint (or you can have wine or pop) for £4.95
I realise that some of us cant travel on our own so partners are more than welcome.
But be warned my hubby does everyones head in with corny jokes! lol

Take care

18-04-08, 00:45
Hi lyn, can,t do in the week, weekends only for me sorry, will have to pass on this one.:shrug:

18-04-08, 09:42
Hi Lynn, I think evening or weekend would be best for me.

18-04-08, 09:56
hi all i would love to meet up with u all be nice to talk to people who understand . but i still not that good at getting out so dont no if i would be able to do it !! maybe the next one :shrug:

18-04-08, 17:56
I'm not that good at getting out either at the moment Sandra, but I am so determined that I am going to go to this meet.

Granny Primark
18-04-08, 20:06
okies, shall we go for an evening?
Sandra if your in leek you and me sis in law "lilylangtry could both come together.
Any night would suit me or weekend.
Il go along with the majority.
Anyone interested just post what suits you best.

Take care

18-04-08, 22:53
Evenings are fine with me Lynn, so long as I can get a babysitter...as are weekends.

After our phone conversation tonight, I will phone around and see whether we can get a private room. Shall let you know how I get on.


19-04-08, 23:10
evenings or weekends best for me too

21-04-08, 05:54
hi lynn evenings or weekends are good for me 2 are you still thinking bout pub lynn let me no tc x

09-05-08, 13:06
Is this meet still going to go ahead?


Granny Primark
09-05-08, 22:50
Hi kaz, it would be great if we could all meet up.
I think perhaps a sunday would suit everyone. Its just a matter of finding somewhere that we could go.
Any suggestions welcome.

Take care

27-03-09, 23:09
hi lynn ive just joined nomorepanic and wondered if you are still organising meetings i live near tunstall and would like to meet up with other members in the stoke area please let me know mandy

06-05-09, 00:12
is this still happening, new member wants to join in stoke mission to beat panic.

13-08-10, 23:18
Hi, sorry to bring up an old thread but I'm wondering if anyone knows of any support group or how to get some help in stoke on trent? I'm having problems getting any support from my doctor and any recommendations would be ace.