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18-04-08, 12:54
I lost 22 pounds in 5 weeks and within 40 minutes i wrote 2 poems to express my anger and frustration.


Bitter twisted remorseless anger consumes me,
No empathy or apathy has substantial meaning,
Not a real reason for being, existing not living,
Breathing taken for granted fuelling the emotions,
Self consumption, deterioration of the soul’s core,
The point of no return crossed just to hit a brick wall,
How the sick will fall claiming to be sick of it all,
Pride battles weakness, an ever decreasing circle,
Heart beats, stops, jumps at its own momentum,
Self-respect the holy grail with a love thy self chaser,
So caught in grey matter, does the grey matter?
Loneliness the bitch that people say life is,
So many cycles, reminders, binding to tie us,
Creative essence consumed by durative arduous lessons,
Boredom, the wasting mind lacks deeper perception,
Lack of control to alter and delete equals lack of correction.

The minds eye closes, alone to face this solidarity,
Full aftershave bottles with false hope of promiscuity,
So many good intentions that’s harder to swallow myself,
Well if all else fails at least you’ve got your…… health?
Smoking without enjoyment, everything seems same same,
Ironic when the only thing certain in life is change,
The inner-self outcast, social misfit that misses what it fits,
Fire in my heart doused, spark sparked out, what now?
Overactive thinking, overactive drinking, so passive I’m sinking,
Afraid of something I can’t explain nor change, pocket full of change,
Slave to time, maybe I’m wasting mine or taking my time,
Self-projection of my image makes me grimace to mention,
The problem solver, insolvent by problems,
Rapid weight loss, which gate to cross? Gathering moss,
Useless? Maybe, Confucius save me, self conclusions, crazy,
My whims, my fears, stayed in for years, my crimson tears.

18-04-08, 12:55

Standing in the rain but never in shame,
He always buys her flowers,
Every petal and stalk, continues his walk,
He always buys her flowers,
Walking along as he whistles their song,
He always buys her flowers,
Such an array of an impressive display,
He always buys her flowers,
His face has a glow that lets everyone know,
He always buys her flowers,
Alone he waits by the wrought iron gates,
He always buys her flowers,
He takes a deep breath continues his steps,
He always buys her flowers,
Looking around and hearing no sound,
She loves him buying flowers,

He places them down, softly to the ground,
She loves him buying flowers,
He talks to her gently into the empty,
She loves him buying flowers,
He talks of his day, knows no other way,
She loves him buying flowers,
He looks at her face, not a hair out of place,
She loves him buying flowers,
He straightens his back, looks at the path,
She loves him buying flowers,
Looks at the moon saying “be with you soon”,
She loves him buying flowers,
He blows her a kiss which the wind did dismiss,
She loves him buying flowers,
He walks away, no more talk of the day,

She said “I Love You” when he bought her flowers.