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19-11-03, 19:51
Hi everyone,:)

I saw my GP today and told him that I was still suffering from regular panic attacks. I also told hiim that when they are really bad I self medicate with alcohol although I did reassure him that it was not to excess and I rarely drink more than three units a week. He was really good as usual and we had a long discussion about why I do this and when I get them (mainly when I'm over tired - which says alot as my little one is teething and most nights are disturbed).
I'm already on Seroxat 20mg and as of today I am now on 30mg and he wants to see me again in a month. I'm still on a waiting list for counselling but I should be at the top of this list by the New Year.
Feeling a bit better in the last 48hrs - not as hyper and haven't needed to touch the Brandy although I might indulge in a glass tonight [}:)]

Thanks for all your responses so far - it's so good to know that I'm not completely loopy (or if I am that I'm in good company )


19-11-03, 22:26
Dear Amanda sorry to hear you have had to increase your dose of seroxat, but at the end of the day it's better than feeling awful. I too take it but seem to get bennifit from 20mgs although i am trying to reduce it but not too sure how this will go at the moment.

19-11-03, 23:16
Hiya Amanda!!!!

Good for you, you are feeling better. Does the Seroxat seem to work very well for you? I have`nt tried that, I have taken "ATIVAN" but I have to say I did`nt really care for the feeling it gave me. Is the Seroxat a "NORMAL" feeling or an overwheming calm? Good luck on getting to the counselor, keep us posted as to how you are getting along. I like the "LOOPY" comment, we all feel the same LOL......... atleast we are all in good company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take care,

Diana xxx

19-11-03, 23:17
Hello Ruth,

Welcome to our little forum here, you will get great information and loads of support. Keep coming back.

Take care,

Diana xxx

22-11-03, 00:45
I took Seroxat last year, and then decided I was better and stopped. Was OK for months but had to go back later this year and now take Citolopram. They help so much, I also have asthma, but never seem to need to use inhaler much when taking anti depressants. Must be stress related I suppose.
Lots of luck

22-11-03, 13:39
Hiya Millie!!!!

Welcome aboard. Interesting you say you have asthma, I do too!!!. However I am in the US, do you know what the medication in the US is for Citolopram? Is it specifically for anxiety or just an all around anti-depressant?

Take care,


26-11-03, 00:15
Just to let you know, I've also noticed a connection between fatigue and anxiety. I've also controlled anxiety with booze, but like yourself not to excess. Just a nice glass of wine can take the edge off, and fortunately I'm usually tired and perhaps more vulnerable in the evening when a quiet pint or uncorking a bottle is not socially unacceptable! Even the thought of supping a pint in a cozy pub can calm me down. Whatever get you through it, I suppose.