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29-03-05, 15:36
hi everyone,
got a question, don't know if any of you know the answer…
i always get panicky when it's that time of the month (too much information, i know, sorry!) because i'm always in so much pain and my doctor prescribed me some ponstan (really hardcore painkillers). anyway, i was on diazepam for a while but stopped taking it - i still have loads left and my GP told me that if i feel really really panicky or anxious then i should just take some - i take it in quarts (a whole tablet contains 5mg).it's not that much but it helps.
so, my question is, can i take both ponstan and diazepam at the same time? i've taken the ponstan and it's sort of killed the pain but i can feel the panic rising (doesn't help that i'm at work) and i don't know what to do.
i've been trying to get hold of my gp to ask, but no luck…
take care,
henri x

29-03-05, 18:05

Sorry I have never heard of it but I am sure Meg will be able to answer this when she sees it.


29-03-05, 20:01
hi henri,

I don't think you should take them at the same time. If I'm right (and I think I am lol) there should be a gap of 4 hours between the time you take them..

Sarah :D

29-03-05, 20:42
lol sarah!
thanks you two - i know you are both probably right. i was just really panicking when i wrote that post.
take care,
henri x

29-03-05, 22:38
Hi Henri,

They are different families and there are no major interactions cited - you may need less diazepam than previously - but as Sarah says - try to keep the taking times as far apart as possible.

Have you tried rescue remedy early on in panic rising or abdominal breathing first.

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