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26-04-08, 13:42
Hi all, i suffer from constant derealisation could the people who suffer explain there experiences of this horrible symptom as i have never read or spoken to anybody else who suffers and i feel as though im the only one and im going crazy.. Thanks.:wacko:

26-04-08, 14:02
i get this all the time - i sed to explain is like i feel like a zombi, like im not really here in fact i have to pinch myself sometimes. i was really worrying about it but apparantly its such normal part of anxiety

26-04-08, 15:27
Hi bell23

I had that dreadful symptom for just over 2 years, it felt like I was watching everything through someone else's eyes, I really thought I was going crazy and I was the same thinking that no-one else had it until I came on here. Gradually it faded month by month until eventually it just went. I thought I would have it forever but the good news is you can get rid of it, I just tried to keep distracting myself and to not think about it (hard to do I know) but if I hadnt I'd probably still have it now. I used to stand with my feet flat on the floor with my eyes closed and feel the ground under my feet and think if my feet are on the ground then I must be real - sounds weird now but it helped me a lot.

Take care

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