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01-04-05, 11:46
Hi everyone,

Anyone fancy a general chat thread with a slightly more intelligent level of conversation than they seem to enjoy in the Forum Pub?

Anwers on a postcard please (after they ban me lol)


01-04-05, 12:01
Oi the cheek of it!! [:O]

You are now banned from the pub [^][:P]

You start it mate and we will join in! What is the subject?


01-04-05, 12:07

You trying to say we is a load of unintelligents in the Pub?? [:O][:O][:O]

I'm more than willing to join in on an INTELLIGENT conversation ;);)

Love Kate xx

01-04-05, 16:41
hahaha Mico - you are banned for life me thinks lol

I'm up for an intelligent conversation - what would we discuss?? :D

01-04-05, 17:08
Wow, I'm even getting blamed for things other people have posted now!


Although it sounds it could be a good idea [^]


01-04-05, 18:40
:) ... we can discuss anything ... whatever you like lol

how about you all tell us what you've been doing today?

try and keep it positive and constructive :)

(I've been rotovating the garden, unloading tons of stuff from my van and trying to mke room for it in a already overcrowded house lol.

tell us about your day ...


01-04-05, 19:42
LOL poor Mico.

I was cleaning out the shed just giving it a good spring clean and a hoover(the neighbours really think i'm nuts now) plus every now and again i'd touch a spider and run screaming down the garden![:I]

01-04-05, 19:44
I sat at work but can't really say I did much! I spent most of the day on the forum (in the pub), on ebay and reading personal emails cos my boss is out so no-one is watching me. How un-professional of me.

Tonight I am ploughing through the posts on here - takes me hours! I have a curry later though.


01-04-05, 22:46
LOL Mico - sorry mate. I thought 'Marc' was 'Mico' - my mistake!! Will try to limit picking on you to the chatroom LOL

hhhmmmm what did I do today? Well, I went into town to walk around, I've been working on a job application with Ed, and am now watching 'The Games' - what an exciting life I lead LOL :D

01-04-05, 23:16

You see now that you are banned LOL

You start a sensible thread and we as girls will respond appropriately LOL

But on a serious note think it is a great idea when you arent feeling too good you can come on and talk about something that takes your mind off it.

Floor is open to you now Marc

Love Sal xx

Dont mess up the best things in your life, just because at present you are unsure who you are.

01-04-05, 23:23
i think a disscusion area if a great idea we could have a weekly or daily disscusion corner..........how about it nic...a place to join in and to talk about other things tahn panic anxiety related issues.:)

02-04-05, 12:30
Morning everybody - no, actually it's afternoon already lol

Been working so hard I forgot how late it was getting :)

Just planted 25 big shrubs in the garden, screwed a trellis onto the wall and tied a clematis up it, now it's time for a coffee and a bit of brunch :)

The sun is shinning here in Wales, and it's a beautiful day.


02-04-05, 13:43
[Wow!] Marc - you've been busy!!

Ed and I are just about to go to the supermarket as I am learning how to cook.( It has only taken Ed only 5 years to get me into the kitchen LOL) We are making tomato & creme fraiche soup, tuna steak & lentils and sticky garlic chicken skewers - all served with salad. YUMMY!!

Sarah :D

02-04-05, 15:33
Della - Yeah just start a new post and I am sure people will join in.

Marc - you are making me tired just reading that!!!

Sarah - wow!! You cooking, never thought I would hear the day that Ed managed that. Go and give Kate a hand with the Barby in the pub (oops mentioned the pub again).

I have done nothing - I went to bed way too late cos I was in chat waiting to see what happened with ST and I drunk too much so now I have slept most of the day and Alex has had to go to Tesco's alone cos I can't face moving. Sigh!!!!


02-04-05, 22:10
aaawwww poor Nic!! Everyone deserves a lazy Saturday..:D

03-04-05, 19:35
I went for a bike ride today and me bum hurts lol :D