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27-04-08, 00:35

I was wondering if anyone could please please give my any advice on what I can do about depersonalisation and derealisation. Is there anything that I can do to stop it or at least make it not as bad. It's really, really getting me down and at times scares me so much that I feel there is no point to anything because its just so scary and everything seems like a waste of time.

I'm sorry to put such a negative post but I just need help so badly with this horrid symptom, if I didn't have the depersonalisation and derealisation I really feel I could get myself back on track and deal with my depression, I also know that I can normally manage my anxiety really well as I have done for years.

I'm normally such a strong person and it feels like my world has no foundations, its so disheartening.

Please any advice would be appreciated soooooooooooo much.

Sorry for such a long post.

27-04-08, 06:27
Hi there

I can totally relate to your post, I had DP/DR for just over two years and it was a nightmare. It took a long time to go but gradually it faded away and now its gone. I got so sick of it every day I just woke up one day and decided if I was going to be like this every day for the rest of my life I'd have to just live with it, try and ignore it and get on with my life - I think once I accepted it things started to get better for me. I was constantly looking at things and checking to see if I still had it, so I stopped doing that and that helped too. I also found that as my anxiety levels dropped the DP/DR symptoms became less. I also wrote on a post yesterday that I used to stand with my eyes shut and feel the ground beneath my feet and that made me feel more 'real'. I think the key to it is just trying to distract yourself from thinking about it and then one day you realise its just gone.

take care

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27-04-08, 13:19
I get this horrible symptom as well. I have to distract myself and then I don't notice it. It is only when I focus on it that it is there. I usually go on the computer or do something physical to feel better. Hope this helps.

28-04-08, 15:01
I have had what I would describe as a constant light headed sensation for around four years now.
Could also be described as "spaced out" but it is not dizziness.
It is similar to how one would feel if you had not eaten for a long while.
My neck tends to be tight and tense as well as I am holding myself quite stifff to help with my balance
Desite numerous medical investigtions it has been put down to stress.
It is disabling but you just have to continue. I cannot undersatnd how for example this weekend I did two strenuous long distance coastal walks and yet all the time felt a bit unsteady and light headed. I would be interested to hear if anyone can relate to these symptoms.