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28-04-08, 07:13
Hi, last week was great, I got the all clear from the hospital, went out for lunch with my boyfriend on Monday and with my mum and brother on Friday, went shopping for suitcases for my daughters holiday, went back to weight**tchers, and yesterday decided to go back to church, something I felt I needed to do. And although anxiety followed me everywhere I was happy..........

Got in from church and the phone rang, my daughter was really poorly so I had to collect her from work. My boyfriend didnt believe I had been to church but out for lunch with another man, then told me he was going away for 2 weeks working, wouldn't tell me where to, but it escalated into him telling me he doesnt love me and dumping me. I lay in bed next to my daughter, 17, and yes I was upset but she announced she thinks I should go and see someone cause I have 'lost the plot', which scared me so much because she said I am always thinking people are trying to hurt me and I take everything too seriously and so they can't cope and so leave. What scared me is how true it was.

So I have only had a couple of hours sleep, Freya is still very poorly but doesnt want to go to the hospital, I will take her to the docs at 8.30am.

I feel very lonely and scared, and could really do with a few hugs right now.

Christine xx :flowers:

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28-04-08, 07:44
Hi Christine

Sending lots of hugs your way :bighug1: :bighug1: :bighug1:

Hope your daughter is feeling better soon.:hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

Sorry to hear about the boyfriend too. :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

milly jones
28-04-08, 09:00
hey weve not met, but hope u accept hugs from strangers wanting to be friends.
hope u feeling better soon lovely.
milly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

:bighug1: :bighug1: :bighug1: :bighug1: :bighug1: :bighug1: :bighug1: :bighug1: :bighug1: :bighug1: :bighug1: :bighug1: :bighug1: :bighug1: :bighug1:

28-04-08, 09:47
Hi Christine,
Just sending you hugs to keep you going. :bighug1: I'm sorry to hear about your problems and I empathise totally as I am at the point of break up with my hubby too. Its a tough time for us girl. But people have been telling me that if we are strong we will get through it. Easy to say but I know its really hard. I haven't really slept either and that always makes things seem darker.
My son tells me I've lost the plot too and I'm his "Invisible Mum" as I don't go to places with him due to the panic. It hurts most from the ones we love the most. If you are feeling low about yourself you will feel like everyone is trying to hurt you. Its normal to feel like this when you are feeling so rubbish.
Same sort of senario. PM me if you want to offload more as its a nightmare. We will get through this as we are better than these men .They are twits with only half a brain and its away on holiday I have decided.
Take care hope Freya has got on ok at the Doctors. Just have a relaxed day and I pray that you will be ok.
Well done for all you did last week. I can't even get into my church as I panic as its so busy. I wish I could go but I read my bible at home. That keeps me going.

Love and Hugs

Hazel xoxoxoxo:bighug1: :bighug1: :bighug1: :bighug1: :bighug1: :bighug1: :bighug1: :bighug1:

28-04-08, 10:33

So sorry things ain't too good for you at the moment hun.

Try not to take to heart what your boyfriend said, m'thinks he's a tad jelous.

I really hope your daughter feels better really soon.

Please let us know how she is

:hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs: << for you and your daughter

Love Lisa

28-04-08, 10:37
Thank you, Freya has a virus and is all tucked up in bed, I am trying to keep sane lol

Hazey I know you are in a similar situaton, and yes church was difficult, I chose to go to one that is very 'alive' in fact I would have been better taking my leotard it was more like an aerobics lessons lol But I persevered only because I know some of the people there and don't have any friends really and it was either that or anti-depressants.

Hugs to everyone suffering today :hugs:

Christine xx :flowers:

28-04-08, 10:55
christine, big hugs to u at this crap time :bighug1: hope things get better soon xxx

28-04-08, 11:19
Hi Christine, big hugs from me

:bighug1: :bighug1: :bighug1:

28-04-08, 12:16
Hey Christine, well done for going to church even though you felt anxious hun.

I suspect your b/f is maybe a bit jealous you did something without him? Maybe he likes to feel that you should rely on him - a lot of men like to see themselves as our protectors but god help us if we get some independence ;)

Sending you :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: honey, and I hope your daughter feels better soon.

Jo xxxxx

28-04-08, 14:08
:hugs: hello isnt it funny that kids can sometimes say things to us and we snap back oh dont be so silly but when we think about it they are spot on sometimes, i dont mean that you are mad:blush: but that they see us sometimes how we dont. i am seeing a therapist and she has made me realise all my probls stem from "what will people think of me" and its affecting my whole life how i look, my weight, my house etc etc and i need to learn to relax and think heyso what if my house is a mess or im having a bad hair day, or feeling fat because however you think people are thinking of you 9 times out of ten they prob thinking something completely different.

Mayb you should concentrate on just you and your kids for a while and just work on enjoying you and them, sometimes like i have done we feel we need a person in our lifes be able to carry on but actually we should never need anybody really and we are far stronger then we think we are.

I fyour partner thought you were lieing and meeting men then he obviously has his own issues and thats probably not good for you and he prob makes you feel worse at times, please and just have fun you and kids and find yourself, sorry i have gone on abit:blush: :hugs:

28-04-08, 14:14
Hey Christine Sorry Ya Going Thru A Tough Time Right Now, As Everyove Says I Think Ya Bf Is Just Jealous , Church Is Good Hun Very Uplifting, Hope You And Ya Daughter Feel Better, Big Hugs For You..............linda Xxxx

28-04-08, 14:41
:hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

Kaz x x x:hugs:

28-04-08, 15:05
Hi Christine!
Sending big hugs and hope things improve for you. I am told I take everything to heart, and maybe I do but then I think well why should I take so lightly some of the things that have been said to me at times. My only son hasnt let me meet his girlfriend who he has been seeing for 18 months yet! I asked him why and he said '..because Mum you wld prob come out with something weird to say'! At first I laughed it off but then I thought hang on, that comment hurt and so I told him how it made me feel. I still have not met his girlfriend but never mind eh? haha... I really hope your day improves and that your daughter is feeling better soon. Sorry too to hear about your boyfriend...mine ended it with me on Saturday after 2 years...It doesnt help with the anxiety much does it to say the least! However my view is if they leave us then they were not worth it all anyway.
Big Hugs

28-04-08, 15:38
Hi, thank you so much, this website is what gets me through, and its because we understand and don't judge each other as a lot of other people do.

:hugs: Christine xx :flowers:

29-04-08, 12:00
lots of love and hugs to you christine and ur daughter and boyfriend. i hope things get better for you all real soon. :bighug1: :bighug1: :bighug1: :bighug1: :bighug1: :bighug1:
take care thinking of you all


29-04-08, 19:50
Hi Chris,

Never forget how special you are to so many people!!!

:bighug1: :bighug1: :bighug1:

Best wishes,

29-04-08, 22:05
Hi Chris
I agree with Chalky, you are a very special lady and well done for going to church and I too think your boyfriend is a little jealous you did something by yourself, he will come round in a day or two. Hope your daughter feels better soon and sending you all lots of hugs:bighug1: :bighug1: :bighug1: :bighug1: :bighug1: :bighug1: :bighug1:

love Mags xxxxxxxxxxx

30-04-08, 11:45

a BIG hug from me . stay strong xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

30-04-08, 13:57
:hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

Hope things look up soon Christine xxxx

Hope 2
01-05-08, 18:02
Hi Christine :D

I did wanna post but felt really shy :blush: .
I know this place means so much to u and u r so well thought of I can see .
Also wanted to say thanks for yr kind words to me :flowers:

How r things with you :hugs:
Hope xx