View Full Version : why would it work before but not anymore? PLEASE HELP...

28-04-08, 09:41
I started taking Seroxat 8 years ago, i found 20mg helped alot but didnt quite get rid of all anxiety so i was put onto 30mg which was great and helped me cope really well. I stayed on 30mg for about 4 years and then slowly reduced down to 10mg over the next 4 years. I was still on 10mg when my panic attacks/severe anxiety/depression raised its ugly head again! The doctor raised it back to 20mg, then 30mg then 40mg (40mg i have now been on for 7 weeks) and it would seem it just isnt working anymore, i have had no relief from the attacks/anxiety and am now staring to get very depressed. I also having to take 3mg of diazapam twice a day too.
Why, would a medication work once but not anymore? Im even on a higher dose than before and still nothing? :shrug:
Anyone, had any experience of this or any ideas?
I am struggling to cope and cant carry on like this much more, i have been referred to a specislist but that wont be for another 4 weeks.....
Help, please anyone? :weep:

milly jones
28-04-08, 10:20
hi charlie,

i was on lofepramine for over 2years and the suddenly last xmas they appered to stop working. i was referred to psychiatrist and she changed my meds to citalopram. i've been swopping for last 3 weeks and it has been tough. i feel u have to trust gp etc and their advice.

keep in contact if u need to chat


28-04-08, 10:35
Hi Charlie,

I asked my doctor on friday if you can get used to paroxetine so that it no longer has the same effect. This was his reply .......... Antidepressants arent 'happy' pills. They only raise your mood slightly enabling you to cope more effectively. You will still feel low at times as everyone does, just not as low as before. Saying that, if you continue just taking pills and fail to tackle the underlying issues that cause your anxiety or depression then in time, these feelings will build up and resurface at some point, usually triggered by some event...... the final straw as it were.

Waffle possibly ........ but he seemed genuine and concerned.

So sorry you're feeling low. wish there was something I could say to make you feel better :hugs:

28-04-08, 11:00
Thank yo for your replys.
Sue, i guess what he said sounds pretty sensible really....i just wish i knew what caused all this in the first place, maybe then i could start facing up to it and work on it with help.....
Such awful things have happened to some people and yet they cope...all i can think is that i was bullied at school a lot and i was always very aware that my mum didnt love my dad and that did bother me, i can remember getting anxious when my dad replyed to my mum saying something i knew would wind her up, he seemed unable to see that it would and would blunder on.... but would this really be enough to cause the huge problem i have today???? and if so, how do i change it, you cant change the past can you?

milly jones
28-04-08, 11:14
:scared15: hope i didnt make things worse charlie?

28-04-08, 11:35
LOL not at all Milly, sorry i was just typing out my thoughts, if you get my jist! XXX