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29-04-08, 16:10

I just wondered if anyone else made cards as a hobby???? I have been wanting to make ATC's (Artist Trading Cards) and we could do swaps if anyone wanted to. Or just to talk about card making and crafting.
I like decoupage and am loving the Jolly Nation stuff. I also stamp, mat and layer, colour with watercolours and much more. Was going to join a club but was too expensive to go every month.
I have a box with loads of cards in that I keep making but don't use. I look at them and think "Oh I love that I can't give that away".
I do sell some of them and they helped pay for Christmas!!!!

Hope to hear from some other Card Makers Soon:yesyes:

Love Hazel xoxoxox:hugs:

29-04-08, 19:48
Hazey i make some cards but mostly jewellery.
I love the decoupage and have been doing some paper nation cards lately.
Works out a bit cheaper than buying them and they look lovely.
I used to go to classes for a while with my friend but it cost too much.
Where do you sell your cards ?

30-04-08, 09:56
Hi Mirry,

I just sell them to my family and friends. My Mum buys them to use at her work as she works for a MSP and he gives couples Diamond Wedding cards and 100th birthday cards. Would like to sell in shops and at craft fairs but don't have the confidence to do it.

I got the Paper Nation TSV from QVC and it is fab.:yesyes: When I make my cards it is the only time I have 0 level of anxiety. I just totally loose myself in it.

I unfortunatly have a bad habit of just buying more and more as it looks nice so really it costs me so much more that buying shop bought ones. (My hubby doesn't know though!!!!!)

Take Care Love Hazel xoxoxox

05-05-08, 18:13
Hi folks.

I too make greetings cards. I love making them - it's so relaxing.
I belong to A RAK club (Random Act of Kindness). As there's so few of us on here how about we send each other a RAK card every month? We could even include ATCs with the card if anyone wanted to.

23-05-08, 16:00
As per our PMs Hazel and I will be sending each other a RAK card each month from June.
Do you want to join in Mirry? I think Hazel is PMing you about it.


28-05-08, 01:31
Excuse me but what is an ATC? Can I join in with your RAK?
Do they have to be homemade cards?
I used to like making cards but i think it added to my anxiety as I never got them as right as I wanted them to be.
I never knew there were card making clubs...of to google and see if there is one in my area.
Toast x

18-07-08, 22:00
hi love card making and would love to do atc but never new dimensions and things i have been to college and done card making stage 1 and never went back to do stage 2 bottled it