View Full Version : Anyone else on 60mg of Seroxat?

03-05-08, 09:51
My psychiatrist wacked my seroxat right up to the top level of 60mg yesterday from 40mg. Is anyone else taking such a high dose?
Im feeling shakey and light-headed today probably due to the 20mg jump. If you have experienced the same, could you let me know how you felt, how long the side effects lastest for and when it started working?
My psyc said if it makes no difference in 2 weeks than im being weaned down and off it on to something else. (which im soooo hoping i dont have to do!)
Please could i ask that no one replys with the "seroxats evil comments" as ive had them before and it just makes me feel so much worse.
But if anyone has experienced what i going through i would love to hear from you, as after feeling positive :) yesterday after my appointment im feeling pretty sad today. :weep:
Thanks guys :hugs:

03-05-08, 11:00
Have you been on Seroxat mad site? Granted theres a lot of Anti seroxaters but generally its ok


03-05-08, 11:06
Thanks Joy I'll take a look and try and avoid the anti-seroxat people at present! :)

trying hard
09-05-08, 23:05
hi, i was on 60mg a couple of years bk i too found the jump from 40 to 60 hard i was then told to just take half for a few days then a whole one and so on just like how u would wean of them it worked for me and the side affects were alot easier to cope with. hope that helps.x

10-05-08, 11:18
Thanks 'trying hard'.
Your the only person who's replied to me! Was starting to think i was the only one in the world on such a high dose!
The side effects have worn off now and i am in general a bit calmer, how long did you find it took once on the 60mg to actaully start feling normal again? or did you? Sorry for all the questions, its just as i say its great to meet someone who has been in a similar position.
How are you now? Are you still on any meds? Thanks again :hugs:

trying hard
10-05-08, 14:16
hi, im still on seroxat bk down to 40mg now, iv been on them for 9years so along time, when i was on 60 it took me about a month till i started to feel normal again well as norm as i get lol, i did have times when i just felt so high tho that i couldnt sleep and was on the go all the time so then i was told to cut down to 50 which made me feel alot better, ive only just gone down to 40 in the last 3wks and im findin it hard i just dont feel right, if that makes sence and my panic attacks ave started again. anyway enough about me how u.xx:hugs:

10-05-08, 16:13
Im finding on 60mg i am defo better than when on 40mg, but i am still using 2 x 2mg diazapem as well. Got to go back to specilialist on friday, expect she'll want me to cut down on diazapam though, which defo does take the edge off. Ive only been on 60mg for just over a week so im hoping to to still see some improvement and in the end not feel the need for the extra diaz. Its all so complicated isnt it, i was on 30mg seroxat for 4 years no problems, got it down to 10mg over another 4 years still no peobelms and then one day 'BAM' it all came back again anxiety/panic atttacks/depression and this time its taken me to have to go to 60mg to see any improvement when 10 years ago 30mg did the trick. I have heard this is quite common though and for them to not work at all the 2nd time for some people. Praying they still will for me though. Thanks so much for your replys you dont know how much i needed to hear from another 60mg previous user, it makes me feel abit more normal - if i could ever be that! Please keep in touch and i hope you start to feel calmer on the 40mg soon, ive been finding having reflexology and EFT together, and doing the online www.moodgym.com (http://www.moodgym.com) thing has really been helping, maybe you could try them? Let me know how you get on.
HUGS C xxxxxx

trying hard
10-05-08, 20:56
u ant alone hun u can talk to me.x:hugs:

11-05-08, 19:29
:bighug1: Thanks trying hard, contact me too anytime, its great not to feel quite so alone!!! :bighug1:

trying hard
11-05-08, 20:27
im having a bad day today could quite happily stay in bad and let the world pass me by, not that the kids would let me.

i feel so angry inside dont no wether to scream shout or cry, i just want to be left alone yet dont want to be on my own if that makes ant sence.:weep:

anyway how u today.xx