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03-05-08, 18:18
Could really do with some Seroxat success stories at the moment! I am holding out all my hope that the 60mg they have put me on might actually work!???
But all i ever hear is "evil Seroxat....worse drug in the world :scared15: :shades: " stories and id just love to hear the opposite to give me some hope! :unsure:

I am feeling spaced out today, a bit on another planet as they have raised my medication by 20mg (from 40mg), did anyone else find this? How long did it last?

Please please could someone tell me something nice, it would really help me at the moment!!!

Thanks guys xxxx

11-05-08, 16:57
Hi Popsy,I've been on Seroxat "Paroxetine" for 6 months now and apart for the first two weeks I don't know if I could have managed without it. I tried other SSRI's first but this one seemed to work very well. I'm on 30 Mg and I may have to go up to 40mg as my stress levels are quite high. I have heard all the horror storys and spoke to my GP and psychiatrist about it and they both said the same thing, as long as you come of it slowly and under supervision you will be fine. It has a lot of bad press, but it also has a lot of success storys also. I tend not to worry because they have helped me so much. Also, people are more likely to complain about something rather than praise something. This is why it comes up on search engines, I stopped looking!I hope you feel better soon.George

11-05-08, 18:37
Hi Charlie

Just ready your topic, Seroxat has and still is my lifeline, It has helped my so much, I have been on it for many years, and when i first went onto seroxat i was very bad with panic attacks and wouldnt leave the house alone, etc,

Thanks to seroxat, i am getting my life back again, i was on 20mg for ages and now i am on 30mg and have been for the past year,

Dont let all the stories scare you, i think there will always be people that things dont work for but they have worked for me, and alot of people out there.

I hope you get on with them ok, and you can private message me if you want to keep in touch.

Take Care

from Claire xxx

19-06-08, 00:39
hi there

I thought i would go on to the forms and try to give some advice to anything i could relate to and i was drawn to yours

I totaly can relate to whats on your mind, i know your post isnt brand new but hopefully my story or advice might help in some way

i was on paroxitine for 7yr. It has had a lot of bad press and terrible storys have came out of it but i have to say that whilst on paroxitine it isnt that way, it coming off the medication thats difficult not being on it.

I always was so against medication and i thought no tablet or pill would ever help me, that choice got took away from me i was admitted into hospital as an impatient and i was given paroxitine and i thought this is so stupid this is going to do nothing. But the total opposite happened, it really helped me didnt change my mood it enabled me to work on things and deal with issues that i couldnt of before. It honestly was my life line. I was never given more than 20mg one because i didnt agree with more even through the tough times but also because i suffer from very bad sensitivity from medication and experiance all the side effects except the weight gain which everyone seems to go on about. The side effects did wear off but only on a controled doze and nt changing it. The worse side effect i found was it sometimes didnt allow me to really feel how i was ment to feel at some situations especially been able to cry. Also got bad sexual side effects all through my time on paroxitine which never went away or got better buti managed. and had very understanding partners through the time so i was lucky i guess.

Youll prob be wondering why i came off this wonderful drug and it wasnt because i felt great, i felt it was time for me to deal with what ever the paroxitine gave me that made me cope. And ive had cbt for yrs been inpaient twice for a total of 2yrs and i felt able to deal with it, not the easiest thing ive ever done. extermly hard and very difficult. took my third attemp to come off it and unless your going to come off it any time soon i wont scare you with the story of my withdrawlment but iam at the other side and its been worth it.....i think i do somtimes concider going back on them and my doctor is keen to start me back on them cos i always managed better on them than off them but right now my only reason to not go on them is fear of weight gain even though it never happened to me but i fear iam older now and maybe it will affect me this time.

oh and its very normal for people to up there dose dramatically, trust your doctor they wouldnt put you at harm but i would suggest you dont keep allowing them to up the dose and try other options such as cbt cos it really is a wonderful amazing treatment that if you allow it to work and do it right it will work

take care
bri x

11-07-08, 16:23
hold on in there ,ive been on seroxat for 11 years and it has help me so much it just takes time:)

11-07-08, 23:11
Hi Popsy...

Seroxat is probably as good as any other anti-depressant. I've been on it for a few years and it has helped me to a certain degree. Apart from excessive sweating in the early stages it has managed to improve my mood.
I'm not sure about the weight gain that BriBri talks about. My Psychiatrist said it can help you to lose weight.
I guess the effects are different for each individual.

Hope this helps

13-07-08, 01:57
I have been on seroxat for quite a while,I wont be here without it.I have bipolar/manic depression.
Yes I have a bad tremour but better that then where I was without it.I am also on venlafaine as well.
Keep with it when it works it really works.
Good luck

16-08-08, 12:39
I took seroxat many years ago and found it brilliant. I had no side effects going on it and felt normal after two weeks. I've was anx free for 16 years, but had a recent set back. I told my GP about the seroxat but she still wouldn't prescribe it. She put me on lexapro, I'm on day 19 and progress is very slow. Feel about 10% better. I wish I was on Seroxat.

09-09-08, 22:32
I have been taking Paroxetine at 20mg for 2 months now after panic attacks / anxiety for 18mths, and it has changed my life. Different people respond differently to different medication. I didn't respond to Citalopram, although a lot of people find this the best choice so my experience in no way suggests what I take is good for everyone. I gave up SSRIs after my first (non)experience, and would advise people to keep trying a different one if at first there is no effect. If anyone has any questions please feel free to send me a personal message.

10-09-08, 09:25
Did you have any side effects if so what and how long til it started to kick in may i ask. I appreciate it is different for everyone tho


14-09-08, 13:10
well here i am nearly 3 weeks in on 20mg seroxat while reducing sertraline. Since finally finishing the sertraline several days ago i have been feeling bad. Shaking increased anxiety etc, Anybody wanna guess if its withdrawal or start up and how long should i give it before seeing doc or giving up


17-12-09, 23:39
i have been on citalpram for 5 months and struggled with the drug right from the word go. my gp has now changed me onto 20mg of seroxat and already in the first 8 days i feel better. i am sleeping better than before and feel confident that this is the right drug for me. i suffer from panic attacks and gad. i had seroxat for 2 years about 15 years ago and struggled when coming off, but i am better prepared for doing it slowly this time. it annoys me that you really only see bad press about the drug so its good to see some positive feedback.

09-11-10, 19:16
I have been on Seroxat for 12 years after suffering from postnatal depression.
I was in and out of hospital and tryed many drugs...
It took 6 weeks to work but I finaly managed to live a 'normal' life. The only side effect I had was weight gain. I have tryed several times to reduce my dose but have had the same problems as everyone else seems to have had!
I am only now changing my medication due to weight gain.
Seroxat works.... If you are on it and plan not to stop taking it.

I live with my depression, I dont care about taking medications, its the side effect that concerns me.

If you need it, you need it!:)