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04-04-05, 15:33

Has anyone read 'The feeling good handbook', by David Burns?
Also 'End the struggle and dance with life' by Susan Jeffers? Have read feel the fear and do it anyway but not these. Have seen them going cheap on ebay and wondered if any good!

tracy x x

04-04-05, 15:39
I haven't read them but if they're going cheap, they're probably worth checking out..:D

04-04-05, 16:20
Hi Tracy

I agree with Sarah. It's all ammo!

Someone did recommend The Feeling Good Handbook to me in chat though, I just can't remember who it was now.


04-04-05, 16:27
'Feeling good' is for depression .

Its meaty and can be hard going if concentration is an issue. But good if longwinded CBT stuff

Chapter 3 is excellent.

The Susan Jeffers is in the same vein as Feel the fear but more depression orientated.


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05-04-05, 12:56
Thought Feel The Fear was brill but couldn't get on with her other one.
Mind you was sometime ago and still got the book, might give it another try.

with good wishes