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07-05-08, 18:26
I have been referred for about eight sessions of "Mindfulness". It seems to be a sort of CBT with the focus on being in touch with your body and mind in the present moment. I don't know much about it yet, but wondered has anyone else come across it? What's it actually like? Does it work? Please let me know. Thanks.

07-05-08, 20:16
hi jesse not heard of mindfulness but i have cbt and it kind of changes yr way of thinking and helps you to react to certain things in a different way, i hope it uselful though and it may be better than cbt, please keep us posted as i would be interested to know more about it hugs xxxx

07-05-08, 23:10
Hi Jesse

I have some books on this that I'm going to read once I finish my CBT one. They are written by a guy called Jon Kabat Zinn who is a buddhist.

I think its all about focusing yourself on the here and now rather than looking back to the past or worrying about what the future might hold. I do the latter a bit too much!!

I think other members have had experience of this so might be able to advise you further :hugs:

Jo xxxxx

08-05-08, 07:55
Thanks Guys. I have had a look on the wb and come across Kabat Zinn. I hope it is going to help as I had CAT a few years back and that didn't help. It could have been the psychologist though!! Will let you know how it goes.

08-05-08, 09:53
There is a old thread on here somewhere all about mindfulness , think it might have some information on how to practice it ?

sorry I cant be more helpfull :hugs: