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05-04-05, 10:59
hi all

been on paroxetine for 6 wks now and although feel better dont feel great.

still get symptons shakes flash panics palpitations, and also a weakness which i know can be a sidem effect

would most of the side effects have gone by now, and is there a period of adjustment our brains need to go through as mine feels strange,

just looking for reassurance really that im going forwards and not backwards

love Jane

05-04-05, 11:07
hello Jane,

I have no experience on this med, however, most meds do take a while to fully kick in. If you are already feeling a little better, then chances are that you will continue to feel the benefits..

Sarah :D

05-04-05, 11:28
Hi Jane,

Have been on this one myself before.
It does take quite a while for everything to settle down.
Keep perservering with it, at the end of the day if it's not for you then go back to the doctors and he may suggest something else.

Out of all of these meds I think that this one is a fairly gentle one.
Hope this helps.
Take care

with good wishes


05-04-05, 13:51
Hi Jane,

Whilst seroxat is a very effective drug its side effect profile is definately not easy to get to grips with both physical and mental, so hang in there a bit longer and see how it goes.

If its not showing any signs of settling do go back and discuss the options with your GP.


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06-04-05, 19:57

I have been on paroxetine since June last year and also 3 years ago for my first bout of anxiety, i found it took a while to get used to but overall it has helped me no end. You do feel a little weird at first but getting used to it is gradual so stick with it.