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Mrs Rabbit
12-05-08, 07:50
Anyone get the ectopics lasting for hours ? I have had multiple tests by cardiologist, heart scan, ecg, 24 hr ecg, blood tests etc and all completely normal. But now and again I get times when it goes onfor hours often missing beats everyother beat - feels like a horse kicking in my chest/throat. This happens about once every 3 months and drives me crazy. If I really relax they go away bit as soon as I feel a bit anxious again they come back. I get no symptoms of any sort. As usual wake up this morning exhausted and scared. I like to run regulalry but lose all confidence when this happens and stop exercising. Please help !:weep:

12-05-08, 09:43

I have bad ectopics and have written numerous posts about them on here lol

I am currently wearing a holter monitor which ive had for 2 weeks now. when i got it fitted i asked the nurses everything i could think of and they told me this-WOMEN...once you get to 35 you are very prone to them (something to do with our hormones) also exercise can bring them on, as well as over eating, under eating, stress and anxiety plus loads more stuff. they said that some come from the top part of the heart and other from the bottom part. 99% are harmless and that was what the monitor was for-to find out where they are coming from sot hey can be treated appropriately. I felt so much better after speaking to them and now ive had the monitor so long i dont want to give it back lol ive got an app with the cardiologist 12th June so i'll keep you informed.

If you have had all of those tests, be re-assured that if there was anything sinister it would have been picked up straight away hun. Have you tried any meds for it? i.e propanolol?

Take care
Lou xxxxxxxx

Cathy V
12-05-08, 10:45
Hi there, yes alot of ppl on nmp have this prob with ectopics, me included and they can be scary i know, even when youve had them on and off for some time. I pick up a holter moniter next week for a 24hr test, which ive had before and all tests have been fine, but i think the doc does it more to reassure me than himself! I agree with what lou says about the hormones etc, have heard that too. Also something my doc said was that not all stress is bad stress, your heart can become ectopic when you're really happy too!
Best wishes
Cathy xxx

Mrs Rabbit
12-05-08, 18:39
Thanks so much for the replies - really appreciated . Always feel I am the only one ! The bit about being female and over 35 is interesting - thats when mine started !! Almost the date! Now 42 and guess Im still around. I can cope with the one off ones that make you jump its the ones that seem to go on for ever - always at night. When I completely relax they go very quickly but if my mind wanders back - bang - theyre off again! I worry that having them on and off for so long will damage my heart by cardio has told me not so guess I have to put up with them. Thanks to you all. Mrs R.