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15-05-08, 20:58
What are peoples opinions on drinking while taking anti-depressents? On my seroxat it says avoid alcohol, but does that really mean i can never have the odd glass of wine with friends occassionally? Im on a high dose 60mg. Has anyone else drank on this? :shrug:

What might it do to me? :unsure:

Any ideas?

C xxx

15-05-08, 21:06
Hi Popsy:D

I used to take seroxat and from my understanding if you drink with it then it dosent work as well(but Im not a doctor!!!!)

Why not ring the pharmacist at your local chemist and ask them:)

Kaz x:hugs:

15-05-08, 21:24
I used to drink on these and i was fine - didnt seem to affect how they worked.


trying hard
15-05-08, 21:38
i have the odd drink and they still work for me however on that dose i could only have a glass of wine any more and it would go to my head, i do think it deppends on urself.xx

16-05-08, 10:35
Hi Popsy,

I'm on 30mg and I find that I'm ok if I have a couple of drinks but if I overdo it the next day is horrible...... hangover, shaking and terrible panic attacks.

Take it easy and see how you go :)