View Full Version : Beta Blockers & Lemsip.

21-05-08, 07:50
I've got the worst cold and cough ever right now and i've just had a Lemsip. I was just wondering will it interfere with the (slow release Half Beta-Prograne 80mg) at all? I haven't taken one yet but as it's morning that's when I usually have to take one for the whole day.


Cathy V
21-05-08, 10:31
Hiya, no shouldn't think lemsip would interact with the beta blockers (i was on propranolol 80mg slow release and now am on bisoprolol 5mg) and my doc said i could take anti-histamine with mine. I think Lemsips active ingredients are painkillers aren't they, aspirin or paracetamol? should be fine, but if you don't want to call the docs, any pharmacy will tell you if you call them, they know all about how different drugs interact. Know how you feel tho with these meds! :wacko:

Take care
Cathy xxx :)

21-05-08, 12:33
I took the risk anyway because I had to go out but i'm fine :yesyes: apart from my cough just keeps getting worse!