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22-05-08, 13:58
Hi everyone! It would really help to hear how people have found withdrawing from Seroxat liquid. I have been on 20mg Seroxat since I was 17 I am now 25. I have now been transfered to the liquid and I started on 5ml and am now down to 4.5ml over a period of three weeks. My GP has advised me to decrease buy 0.5ml every two weeks. I was panic free during the time I have been on Seroxat but now all my symptoms have come back fiercely!! I am trembling and shaking and constantly thinking about my panic attacks I have a feeling of de realisation and total terror, fear that I am going to be sick and I feel totally overwhelmed. Is this the withdrawal symptoms and will they get any worse as I decrease??? Surely a panic attack is full blown anyway so if I can overcome them then I can get of this stuff!! It's so strange having withdrawal effects that are thoughts rather than physical symptoms they are so hard to describe. I must admit, before I found this site I thought it was me on the verge of insanity!! Thanks for reading my waffle! X

24-05-08, 23:45
anybody?? Please?? why has nobody answered me? Is it just me who feels like this?

24-05-08, 23:58
Hi Smokey,

I did try to withdraw from seroxat using the liquid a few years ago but i think i tried to do it too quickly ... ( i want everything yesterday!)

I did fail unfortunately but i was going through a divorce at the time so i'm not gonna beat myself up too much about it.

I desperately want to get off meds and my doc has referred me for counselling and hopefully that will help.

I'm panic free on meds but feel dead inside........ almost robotic... no ups, no downs ........ i cant even cry.

I am sorry i cant help.......... just take the reduction very very slowly.

Best of luck to you and i hope i will get there one day too :hugs:

25-05-08, 00:11
Thank you Sue! It's so hard isn't it? I was totally panic free when I was on 20mgs and now everything has come back again. I will withdraw slowly, it helps to know I'm not the only one feeling like this. GP did say that sometimes people have to stay on it for a while then try at a different time in their lives but I haven't been off them for so long I'm wondering what it will feel like! At the moment I feel unreal at times and like you say, almost robotic! Take care X

25-05-08, 00:38
Hi Jo:)

I had trouble reducing on the liquid but the trick is to do it very slowly:yesyes:

Very very slowly:yesyes:

You will get there I promise

I have been med free for a few years now but I do have some diazipam to help on really bad days when I have heaps to cope with:winks:

Kaz x x x:hugs:

05-06-08, 09:50
Slowley is the key honestly, i reduced over 4 years thats how slowley!!!!!!