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22-05-08, 21:27

Ok, i had my endoscopy today. I decided not to have sedation - it was pretty awful (the longest 5mins of my life)
Anyway, i tested positive for Duodenitis and Helicobacter. The doctors have said not to worry and given me medication but straight away i was on the internet having a look at the risks and what this might lead to (stomach cancer seemed to stick out the most for me) anyway i didnt look too deep coz i was getting scared so i thought id come on here and ask if anyone else has had it or knows how common/serious it is. They said that these conditions have nothing to do with my headaches, dizziness or blurred vision so i will carry on trying to find the cause of that!

22-05-08, 21:48
Helicobacter pylori is a bacteria that lives in the stomach and duodenum. The medication you have been given will kill it. Duodenitis is inflammation of the duodenum (like gastritis is inflammation of the stomach). I know quite a lot of people who have been tested positive for the bacteria and have been fine after. So don't worry.

23-05-08, 08:07
I believe these are 2 very common symptoms so I wouldn't be concerned, in fact, at least there is a diagnosis and you can be treated.

H.Pylori is present in everyone's gut, it's just that sometimes it can become a nuisance and needs medication - antibiotics - to kill it off.

23-05-08, 09:13
Hi Pigtailplaits
Glad you got through your endoscopy ok, I think that the H Pylori is well treatable and will make a big difference once you start taking the antibiotics.
I have to go for an endoscopy next Friday and not really looking forward to it. I suffer from gastritis and IBS and have been having a particularly bad time of it recently. I was interested to see you have headaches, dizziness and blurred vision because ,again, I too suffer the same.
Do you find these symtoms coincide with your stomach problems?


23-05-08, 11:21
Hi Pigtailplaits
I've also had an endoscopy ;with and without sedation & beleive me the one with sedation was better; so if you have to have another try sedation. I had H-Pylori as well; and sometimes i think it's scarey when you look up stuff on the net; but like your other replys said it's treatable so don't worry ...:)

23-05-08, 15:34
hi pigtailplaits glad its over, brave to do it without the sedation. I too had the same results as you. If you get any stomach problems like the ones I have, the doctor may prescribe omeprazole, cos sometime the duodentitis can flare up but it's not that serious. And from the biggest hypocrite around here - Stop googling!!! lol take care xx

23-05-08, 19:10
Thanks everyone,

Coming on this forum is really making a difference to me.
JamesF- i asked the doctor if this stomach issue was causing my headaches, blurred vision and dizziness and he said it was unlikely! So after this 5 week course of meds, i will be back on my mission to find the cause of those!