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The Fool
27-05-08, 12:20
i just read a book.an unbelivably heart touching book.it spoke to me so much but made me so sad.its raining,isnt it funny how rain just pulls you down like the heavy grey cloud its leaving is on your shoulders making everything you do say and think pointless. the book was amazing and made me think about my own childhood and even though it most eyes i am still a child it felt me like i was looking back 10 or 20 years to lost memories and lost loves.i love to read but i hate it when i book is this deep and speaks to me so it feels like the depresion of that year is slowly building back and spiraling into a worlpool draging me in deeper and deeper.you may understand this you may think it reflects regret and sorrow and there you would be so right so correct i can hardley explain and i no im just gabaling but i cant put it into words but im sufferign and have been for so long now but for such a short time in reality.5 years.they dont know in fact sometimes i dont feel it like the wound just closes up and isnt there anymore.but let my just say this iff it the only thing you ever understand in the peice of writing.you are never to young to fall in love.

27-05-08, 14:55
:bighug1: , I am sorry this book brought you down and that it is also raining. It is amazing how books can get to us and take us on many journeys, this book a sad one. I hope you are feeling better soon and you are right you are never too young to love.

Many more :hugs: ,


27-05-08, 15:34
Aww Charleh!!

I'm really sorry to hear that you're feeling down, and it's especially hard when we find something we can relate to and identify certain things with and resemble the things we've gone through. But please believe me when I say that you will rise up again, and the sadness that you are feeling right now will gradually fall away.
And yes, you are extremely correct - you are never to young to fall in love, and the loss of that love hurts alot, it really does, but things will get better, even if they take time hun.
Please pm me if you need to talk, I'm here for you Charleh. Anytime. Just gimme a shout, email or pm, ok sweetie?

Lots of love and hugs,

Chrissy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

milly jones
27-05-08, 15:47

hey u usually cheer me up, so today heres a hug from me to you hun to cheer u and help your healing,

milly xxx

27-05-08, 18:12
I don't like the rain either. (((((hugs)))))

Toast x

The Fool
28-05-08, 10:10
thanks every one that was so sweet and wolfie you are right i am happy as larry today uhh who ever lary is people in england really do have a very strange sayings and how do we no larry is happy he could be being sarcastic!and like i cant sing for toffee WHY IN GODS NAME WOULD YOU SING FOR TOFFEE? its not particulary nice its not valuable now i cant sing for gold that one is better uh oops lol gone of the whole thanks thing so anyway um yes thankyou very much and i have resolved this issue be vowing to never read that book again and sent packing back of to the library and the whole ehem lost love i have decided we should just be friends and emailed him as i have is email address dont worry he gave it to me im not a stalker and i sent him my mobile number to so we can keep in touch and i will have an actual and proper friend my age even if he is a 5 hour drive away all the way is stinky but lovley cornwall so i will have many many many many lovley and fabulous friends here and a very ahem nice friend in cornwal HORRAY!!!