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28-05-08, 23:37
I only joined here last night and ive already had alot of nice messages offering assistance, the thing is it isnt me who is the sufferer of panics.... its my mum. she has suffered for over 10 years now and its kinda been pt on my shoulders to deal with... my sister is no longer living at home and when she was she wasnt interested. my brother was in the army and is now out but is also not interested. As for my dad.... his attitude is if you cant see its broken then nothing is wrong and :weep:....... well he isnt interested. I do everything for my mum and im tired, i know its not her fault but i dont know if im helping or hindering her... if you know what i mean. not sure if i do too much and she relys on me too much. i just wish i coud click my fingers and its all gone, se suffers from panic attacks with every side effect you can get like sweats, strange smell, cant swallow etc all of them, phobias, she wont go out hardly unless she has to, suffers with anxiety too. its just a whirl wind of things going on, i dont know who i am any more and i dont want to get to the point were i blame her.... just dont know what else to do.....its so hard.
my heart goes out to you all who suffer with it. x

28-05-08, 23:55
Hi Buffy,has your mum had any sort of help from her gp? I can understand how you must be feeling,its hard looking after someone with an illness.:hugs:

28-05-08, 23:59
Hi Buffy

Did you join under a different name as this user only has one post so confused how you got loads of nice messages?

Sorry if I sound suspicious - just confused lol

29-05-08, 00:27
i posted in the introduce youself thread!! got some nice replies,

she has been back and forth from the gp hospital , cpn, ecg stugg, scans, you name it she has had it

29-05-08, 13:16
:hugs: Buffy,

Has your Mum ever had CBT or any type of therapy? If not that might help. You might at some point go into therapy with her and be involved to see if you could in the process step back from helping so much so that she could take some control back into her life. It is a shame that all of this rests on your shoulders but you should be so very proud that you are such a fantastic daughter and that you are there for your Mum when she needs you.

You might also have a discussion with your Dad and explain that this is a problem and not something that can be ignored and you can't do it alone. Your Mum might also benefit from a short time on meds to help her though the first months of therapy, I just don't know, her GP would be the best one to answer that question.

She might get alot of help herself from coming to this site, for support and to know she isn't alone. We are here for you both.

Many more :hugs: ,


29-05-08, 14:10
Ahh yes I understand now - posts in here don't count towards post count.

Thanks for the reply.

29-05-08, 15:44
:hugs: :hugs: :hugs: For you

Kaz x x x:hugs:

milly jones
29-05-08, 20:01
well how lovely u are

its good for us to hear the other side of the story and for u to try and understand her difficulties

i agree with her trying to get help for cbt or counselling from the gp

ppl who dont suffer can sometimes find undertsanding it very difficult. im trying to get my hb to join nmp so he can get a bit more understanding of the condition, and thats its not just me and in my head.

so i think highly of you taking the step to join and help your mum

a great big nmp hug to u xx

milly x

30-05-08, 08:30
have a hug from me :bighug1:

jodie xx