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29-05-08, 22:50
Hi all,

Please can we send some hugs to Ness and Chris. They have oth helped me loads since we met, I was at theres yesterday and some of today and with it being a bad time for me with it being an anniversiy of something, I was asked to go to them to stay and see if they can help me through it all. So I went and it really helped me loads. We went out and it took my mind of things, even feeling realy terrible it helped loads. I know when I'm at there I can be ME and not act 'normal' like I have to here. I dont have to hide anyhting or not feel safe as its already there, Not stuck indoors doing nothing.
I made it through day and night and today, with them, I had a really good time and think they deseve a hug or two please.

Ness and Chris...

Im soooooo glad I have meet you both, If it wasnt for coming to you and having a cuddly time I dont think I would of got through the last few weeks. I think talking with you has made me come out of my shell too and most people will agree with me there. I feel more at home with you now and you both are really Lovely.

Just wanted to let you know how Much you mean to me, Thank you and I know I have a true person in you both.

Lots of Love and hugs to you both,


Thank you sooo much for everything.

Also thank you too Di, Milly, Sandra, Lisa and the rest that help me through the day and help me go to My Ness's who let me talk if Im scared about going.
:hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:
Love Nikk xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

29-05-08, 23:11
Ness and Chris

You have made a big difference to Nikks life so HUGS to both of you.

Hope 2
29-05-08, 23:15
Hello Nikk :flowers:

Thank goodness for people like Ness and Chris :bighug1:
I don't know where I would be without my friends.
Nikk I am really happy for you to have found such comfort.

Cheery Bye
Hope xx

30-05-08, 11:24

30-05-08, 11:44
Ness and Chris,

Thank you so much for caring about others and making a difference in Nikk's life.



milly jones
30-05-08, 12:47
ness and chris,

u have helped nikk so much thank you

rather large hugs coming ur way

milly xxxxxxx

30-05-08, 13:53
Hugs for ness and chris,it's lovely to hear people being so good to others.
:bighug1: :bighug1: :bighug1: :bighug1: :bighug1:

30-05-08, 14:13
Ness and Chris


Love Lisa

30-05-08, 14:57
:bighug1: :bighug1:

jodie xxxx

30-05-08, 16:25
:bighug1: :bighug1: for Ness and Chris who have helped Nikk so much, well done you two

love Mags xxxxxxxxxxx

30-05-08, 21:29
Hi Nikk

Thank you so much from both of us, Its really nice to get a hug.

Nikk you are doing the hard work we just listen and help.

Your a special person who needs to be treated with respect.

Thank you all for the lovely hug:hugs:

ness and Chris:bighug1: :bighug1: :bighug1:

30-05-08, 21:36
Ness and Chris :hugs: Thanks for being so caring

Karen xx