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30-05-08, 07:57
Has anyone else tried this and has it helped. I went to see the psychiatrist yesterday and he gave me this.

04-06-08, 17:02
Hi Kazz,
Doesn't look as if there's anyone else on it - I was about to ask the same question when I saw your post.
It looks a good non addictive alternative to Diazepam.
Have you started it yet ?


04-06-08, 17:18
I am on 3x10mg a day of buspirone, I also take 60mg of citalopram

09-06-08, 01:39
I have been on Buspirone for about a month now 5mg twice a day and have noticed a good difference. I still at times get the anxious feelings but they don't develop into panic attacks. I am going back to my doctors this week and I think he will increase it to 10mg twice a day and hopefully that will be even better. The best part of it is I am not sleepy all the time as i was on diazipam

11-06-08, 06:34
I still havent started it. I WILL!! Im so apprehensive as I am frightened of side effects as I always seem to get them bad (maybe its all psychological as I read into these things too much). I had reassurance from my GP that he has never seen anyone have any major adverse effects on this drug and that it is very successful in treating anxiety.

11-06-08, 06:35
I am on 3x10mg a day of buspirone, I also take 60mg of citalopram
Whoah!!! Thats alot of meds!! Sorry. You must have been on them a while???:ohmy:

25-06-08, 20:23
A week and a half on them and they are still yet to kick in....................

26-06-08, 00:11
hi! I have been taking this medication for about 2 weeks now, I dont think I feel much different, hardly any side effects for me, just once in a while I get dizzy. Im on 20 mg a day I have a doctors appointment tomorrow I dont know if she will up it or not. I and also taking ativan 1mg up to 3x's a day and on nortriptyline (spelling) 50mg at nighttime. I am also curious on what peoples thoughts and experiences are with the medication, I have been doing a lot of web surfing to find out more info and most people have negative thoughts about it. Sorry I couldnt give you more information, like I said I havent been on it very long and I dont know how long it takes to work its full effects. Take Care.

26-06-08, 00:39
Hi all - I was on this med for about 3 months. First 2x5mg then 2x10mg then 3x10mg. Didn't make any differfence to how I felt, so I stopped. The up side is I got no side effects at all and no withdrawal symptoms.


08-12-09, 19:13
i was on this and it helped me get fully better- but i have to tell you it took a few months to start working. i was on them nearly a year- doint give up on them too quickly!!