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13-04-05, 11:53
Hi Everyone!
Well I dragged myself to a pilates class yesterday to see if if that could help relax me!. I went in thinking it would be a small class, walked in it was HUGE!bout 50 people, I panicked but found a place at the back of the class to hide away!. Everyone seemed to know one and other around me I thought about running out but Im glad I didnt!, a lady came over to me and started talking to me, my dizziness started whilst talking to her, nightmare!but we ended up having a nice chat!. Then the Pilates instructor came and introduced herself she asked me why Id thought of doing it, and I said I had been suffering from Anxiety and panic attacks, felt a wee bit embarassed, but then she said well Ive been diagnosed as clinically depressed and im on anti depressants!she was so nice!the pilates went well, apart from finding out im not as supple as some of the 60 year olds in the class!LOL I'm 26 they put me to shame!LOL!X

13-04-05, 12:38
Glad the class went well and that you met some nice people. I hope it helps you with your anxiety..:D

13-04-05, 13:26
hi kirgray,

I was the same when i started my yoga class,
It is really hard walking into a room full of strangers well done !
My first class was made a bit easier when the lady in front of me pumped while lifting her leg up, it certainley broke the ice infact i still laugh now, its good just to feel like you have achieved something, do u know what the difference is between yoga and pilates they are sort of similar


kairen x

13-04-05, 16:00
Ha Ha Ha that made me laf Kairen!!Im going yoga tommorow night hopefully that wont happen to me!LOL. There was a guy once in yoga that was so relaxed at the end in the relaxation bit that he fell asleep!!he was snoring sooo loud!. Pilates did make me feel a bit relaxed, I think it focuses more on toning up your arms, legs and abs!. It was quite hard work as I get very tired and achy with my anxiety!, Do you go yoga often?X X X

13-04-05, 19:09
Pilates is more active than yoga.

It still concentrates on postures and stretching but has much more action.


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13-04-05, 19:45
oh well im best off sticking to yoga if its easier LOL,
been going for 3 months now and i love it feel i can calm myself down much quicker now even if im just a bit on edge, good luck with yours [xx(] and dont get stuck next to a pumper xxx

kairen x

14-04-05, 12:46
Hi Kirgray,

Didn't you do well. I know how you feel i have gone into a few exersise classes at my local gym. It's so scary at first but you soon get used to it.

Well done & keep up the good work! and I hope you get as supple as those 60 year olds! LOL

Take care,