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14-04-05, 12:22

The doc has prescribed me seroxat have heard nightmare stories about it and was wondering if anyone was on it and how they had got on?. I really dont want to take any pills to be honest I am too worried about those nasty side effects that come with them!, plus I would just read the side effects and develop every single one!. X X X

14-04-05, 13:39
I have never been on this med myself but I'm sure someone else will tell you about their experiences..I really hope it helps you!! :D

14-04-05, 17:29
I think under the circumstances you could tell your doctor that you'd rather try another of the antidepressants instead of Seroxat.

It is a very effective lifesaving drug for many but it can cause difficulties trying to come on and off it. They do all have sideffects too.

Many people get over their panic and anxiety issues without meds. Its hard work but it is doable . Your choice.


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17-04-05, 19:48
i used to be on prozac then i went onto seroxat- i stopped in october as i felt i needed to go without medication. i made the mistake stopping all of a sudden and i plunged into darkness that was so scary, i went to see my gp and had a right old bollokin for stopping like that so we discussed my options and i came off GRADUALLY. the side effects i found was not sleeping, the news reports scared me ****less though.

17-04-05, 19:49
ooooooooooops sorry for swearing.............. lol

29-04-05, 10:30
Hey Kirgray

I'm currently on Seroxat. Starting with half a pill per day, and I will move up to 1 pill after 2 weeks. I guess everyone may react differently to this medicine, but it works great for me. I took it for 8 months a while back, but I stopped too quickly (after talking to my doctor of course; never alter your medicine treatment without consulting a doctor first), so now I'm back at it. It's sort of comforting for me, as it worked last time, so I feel like I'm getting help with my problems.

The only side effects I have is that I feel it just a tad in my stomach shortly after taking that pill. Nothing to worry about, though. My anxieties mostly affect my digestive system, so I'm very vulnerable to it, but this seroxat side-effect is nothing. I have Motilium just in case, but I haven't even come close to needing one yet because of the Seroxat. One other side-effect is that I get these "electrical buzzes" in my head. That's normal. After all, this anti-depressant does stuff with your brain (good stuff, so don't worry), and your brain merely reacts to it by giving me these buzzes. They are a bit annoying but nothing more than that. And the disappear after a week or two, as your brain gets used to the medicine. You might get the same when you up or lower your dose after a while.

As I started my new Seroxat treatment only a few days ago, I haven't had those buzzes yet, but they won't take long I guess. I'm kind of looking forward to them, as they will tell me the meds are working.

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29-04-05, 10:32
And before I forget: Seroxat is not addictive. I made sure of that when the doc prescribed it.

As the evening sky faded from a salmon color to a sort of flint gray, I thought back to the salmon I caught that morning, and how gray he was, and how I named him Flint. - Jack Handy

02-05-05, 04:59
I take paxil and don't be afraid to take it. It really works. I was on it for 3 years and didn't have any trouble getting off this drug. I am back on it as my anxiety came back. I guess I'm stuck on meds for the rest of my life.

02-05-05, 08:42
Hi all!. Thanks for your replies... Ive been a wimp and I havent tried the meds route yet!. Im doing my CBT at the moment and eating healthily and popping my herbal pills, going to see how I get on with doing this... I really am too scared to take meds!. If my symptoms worsen tho I know that I may have to take them and I'll remember all your advice X X X

02-05-05, 10:13
Hope you start to feel better soon and that it doesn't come to the point that you have to take meds - just remember that it is an option..:D