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06-06-08, 13:27
I am feeling so hopeless, guys..i really need some reassurance. I wrote about my bloating problem and the feeling like i have a heavy dough in my stomach. This has been bothering me for like 2 weeks now, on and off, coz there were some good days, but more bad days.
Now, since yesterday I started feeling so sick. I haven't actually been sick, but the nausea is so unbearable, i feel anytime i will...The nausea gets a bit better and than terribly bad, like in waves, and when the wave of really bad nausea comes i get this overwhelming feeling of gloom, like i suddenly feel so depressed, the feeling is so strong that i feel like it's taking me over and i would need to struggle to release from its grip...that feeling that nausea brings, that is what it's most difficult to handle...
I also burp. But nothing I have tried helps me, rennies, milk of magnesia, mint and fennel, remegal with simethicone, ranitidine...Nothing! I am scared to try sparkling water, i read Meg's post saying that helps, but i'm worried it will make my gas worse...
I really feel so so overwhelmed by this...

06-06-08, 20:22
Hi Millie

A couple of months ago I had that awful nausea. It came over me in waves throughout the day and sometimes at night. I also had a really bubbly stomach. Nothing I took helped at all but I did find that if I ate a little bit the nausea eased a touch. I ate chocolate porridge and soup mostly. My GP was no help whatsoever, she just told me to drink peppermint tea or ginger ale and did a load of blood tests that all came back normal. I felt as if I would never get better, never be able to eat again etc etc. But I promise you the nausea does go, it took two weeks for me but it did go.

Take care


06-06-08, 21:55
Thank you Harli so much,
I feel too like I won't be able to eat normal again...This afternoon I started having the bubbly bloated stomach again and the palpitations, alongside nausea. It is not a little burp when the gas starts coming out, it is long, noisy and really terrible :blush::blush::blush:. But it is just never enough, like there's always more!
It's hard to cope with feeling my heart beating faster, and i can't breathe in deeply coz of the bloating so it all works together i guess to make me feel really horrible.
I just feel like weeping, i am so fed up...i've just been sitting here all afternoon-evening listening to my heart and burping, battling in my head how to overcome this...it's hard to think everything's gonna be alright when you feel your chest pulsing as your heart beats and this lasts for hours.
Sorry guys for rambbling, i really need some help getting through this...

06-06-08, 23:23
Dear Mila,
I too have suffered from bloated feelings and a heavyness in my stomach. It felt constantly knotted up and on occasions I felt nauseous. I have found that sipping tonic water helps. But have found a vast improvement since I have eaten an Activia yogurt every day. It may be worth a try!
Take care. Nikki. x

06-06-08, 23:41

Did you try the Activia yoghurts and Muller light vitality drinks that a few of us suggested?

07-06-08, 00:22

Sounds like irratible bowel syndrome to me:)

Go and see Gp and see what they say

If its IBS they can give you some pills that will get shot of it

I had exactly what you describe and was diagnosed with it......but you must see Gp its not something you can self diagnose!!! There are no nasty tests just a chat with doc!!

Hope this helps

Kaz x x x:hugs:

07-06-08, 18:10
Thank you guys so much for the replies and thanks for all the advice, i have been taking activia for about a week now, and today i also had some probiotic capsules, i shall definitely try the tonic water even though i'm worried about it giving me more air in the stomach, right now i would do absolutely anything to make this go away, that is how desperate i feel...

I had trouble sleeping last night, it was like big bubbles of air wanted to come out of my stomach and everytime it happened i felt like my heart almost would stop beating. Now I already dread going to bed tonight! I feel those bubbles in my throat now...

i went out today, have some friends over and we went to york, a lovely day and all, i really tried to at least look alright, inside i just can't stand being in myself, keep looking at people eating ice cream and just eating you know, and i became almost scared to eat...although i feel just the same when i wake up in the morning with no food in my stomach...

It's been days now without a break and i feel so hopeless, like i will never get better.It is very hard for me to believe anyone felt like this before. I am so sorry for ranting, but this is affecting me so much, it makes me feel so depressed and frustrated that i just don't know what to do with myself...

07-06-08, 18:51
I feel the same as u pretty much. I've had constant nausea for 5 weeks and it feels like it'll never end. Im emetophobic, so im scared to even eat incase im sick. Ive lost a stone in weight and I feel about to 2 just give up I feel so gross.i lay in bed for hours watching tv cos as soon as I stop concentrating on something I start to panic cos I think I'm gna puke! Nausea has seriously taken over my life!!

07-06-08, 20:49
hi , im new but just had to reply to you as i used to have terrible stomach problems due to being anxious and panicy before going out, i would be physically sick or would have the runs (sorry too much info i know) and the best thing that has helped settle my stomach is accupuncture, it has even reduced bloating too. i would be happy to share more info with you if you want to know more.
:bighug1: karen x

07-06-08, 23:09
Jasmin, I understand very well what you mean it's taken over your life. My nausea goes, but that doesn't mean a break, it just means i get other symptoms tormenting me then, but i can't even concentrate on watching tv, even then i can just think how i feel and how i can't bear it anymore...

Karen, i was just thinking tonight i have to try accupuncture, i went couple of months ago and i definitely have to go now as soon as possible...

I just got back from the theatre, the show was lovely, but i just couldn't enjoy it really, i was struggling with the gas all evening, i have no idea where this enormous amounts of gas come from, it's crazy...i could feel big air bubbles under my breast bone and also in my throat, and my stomach just mostly feels like there's lead there...i am really trying to keep myself going and do everything i can to not let this completely overcome me, but i feel like i'm really struggling...

09-06-08, 10:05
Hi Mila. I remember your original post (as I too am currently suffering with indigiestion problem). Have you been to your doctor yet, what has he said? I'm off again today for the 3rd time to see what we can do next. Have had bloods and ultra-sound scans done over the past 2 weeks so now it's on to Plan C (whatever that may be).

You really need to push your GP and ask for a referral.

09-06-08, 20:46
Hi Jenny, sorry to hear you're sufferning too again:hugs:.
I have registered at another practice today and I'm going to see the new doctor tomorrow. I have been feeling so horrible constantly this past week, that now i can't even imagine feeling better, it feels like i've been feeling like this for ages. It worries me a lot too. I felt sick this morning as well, and so down, like the world is coming to an end. I went to accupuncture today and shiatsu as well-you can see there how desperate i am to feel some relief, having two different treatments in one day. I am worried what is happening to me, i have had burping and gassy bloated episodes before, moslty when at times when i am more anxious or stressed, but this does not stop even for a minute, at all times in a day i feel something, if it;s not air bubbles pressing in my chest, oesophagus or throat then is the nausea or the heavy lead feeling in my stomach...when i don't worry what is wrong with me than i just feel like i could get out of my own skin just to stop the feelings coz i just cannot bear them anymore...
I have been really weeping last night, crying my soul out, at some points i just cannot take it anymore, i would just wanna disappear...:emot-crying::emot-crying::emot-crying::emot-crying::emot-crying::emot-crying::emot-crying::emot-crying::emot-crying::emot-crying::emot-crying::emot-crying::emot-crying::emot-crying::emot-crying::emot-crying::emot-crying::emot-crying::emot-crying::emot-crying::emot-crying:

Cathy V
09-06-08, 22:58
Millie, dont know if you'll get to read this before the morning but ive been following the posts and although i don't suffer with this myself i feel so sorry for you it must be very uncomfortable. I was reading anotherpost yesterday about another member with the same symptoms and she said she'd tried everything to ease it and nothing did, not even pescription meds for it. Then someone suggested charcoal tablets. She said she was sceptical about them but that they have worked brilliantly and the only thing thats ever worked for her. Maybe its worth trying them. You can get them in most places that sell herbals etc.

Hope this might help. good luck with the new doc by the way.
Cathy xxx

10-06-08, 11:01
Hello everyone, I am new to this forum :)

I also suffer from stomach problems, but I have been diagnosed with IBS. It started when I was at school doing A Levels, and has been with me on and off ever since.

A couple of years ago I developed Generalised Anxiety Disorder as well, which has made the IBS worse

For the last couple of months I have had pain tucked up under my ribs on the left side. I am told it is Splenic Flexure Syndrome and is all part of the problem, but it will not go away. I have read studies that suggest it can last months :(

My trouble is, it doesn't bother me when I am busy or enjoying myself. It is also helped when I go to the gym. I only seem to feel it when I am sitting and worrying about it, which tells me its largely caused by the worry. But I can't help but worry. When I am feeling very bad I convince myself I have bowel cancer, and yet I know I have confirmed IBS and all my symptoms are caused by that. I constantly analyse my symptoms as well, and am forever feeling my belly when I lie down. :(

So I'm glad I'm not the only one feeling miserable with a bloated stomach!

10-06-08, 21:58
Hi Kaz, sorry to hear you have these problems :hugs:. Thank you for reading my posts, i really appreciate it.

Mine is not IBS coz my symptoms are more stomach related and bowel movements don't do anything for me if u know what i mean, don't bring any relief. Been to a new doc today. She said i got dyspepsia caused by anxiety and gave me lansoprazole. Well, it is a bit more than my previous doc has done...I pray and hope this brings me some relief. I was going to get some charcoal too as Cathy suggested but they didn't have any at my local pharmacy. It's been hard to cope lately, today I got very panicky and guess what, NMP was down :-(
I am trying to keep positive but it is hard, still feel the bubbles in my chest, and it is very uncomfortable, sometimes feels scary when it gets worse and make me feel a bit out of breath. Than i think oh god this can't be just dyspepsia and get into the freak out and doom mode.
I have to go to work tomorrow and i am already imagining feeling worse coz i got to go, i mean i am not helping myself by doing this, i know...
I keep on and on ranting in this post about how i feel, on and on, sorry guys...Just been a really tough time. Thank you all for the support, it means so much to me.

20-06-08, 01:05
Hi Katty, well i'm still doing the same :-( I'm actually having some blood tests in the morning. Will see what that will show, it's just another thing for me to worry about...Yeah you know i feel like a lost cause too, i have been feeling like this for only 4 weeks not years but for this time i have tried everything and i still feel the same, i am right now sitting here writing this while burping gas smelling like the food i ate 6 hours ago:blush::blush::blush:...and the dinner, i don't know i felt like i got rocks in my stomach...
Do you have problems every day or just at times? I just don't understand how i was fine just a month ago and now i feel like i've been feeling this for ever and it will never go away, what happened to me? i don't know...
I really hope we both find an answer Katty...:hugs:

17-07-08, 14:11
Well i decided to return to my post. It's been 7 weeks since i have written my first post on this. I have been in a really bad place for all this time. I am still waiting to find out when i will see the consultant. I have been waiting for more than 2 weeks now.
Is there anyone out there suffering from constipation IBS? not diarrheal one.
I have had some better days during this time. Right now I feel so blotated, and flatulent a bit, when i relax my stomach and look myself in the mirror i look like i am in late stages of pregnancy, but without exaggaration really. I have been constipated for the past couple of days so it may have something to do with it lol
I had my graduation day yesterday and it was a nervewrecker lol but also exciting, we went for a meal afterwards at a chinese buffet and evereryone was going over like 5 or 6 times to get more food, me, i had one pancake with crispy duck, one not so big plate of different things, it would be someone's starter really lol and some gelly afterwards with couple fo bites of cake and one juice. I was looking at others longingly, i could've eaten more before...Now i felt full eating just this. I mean, maybe this is a normal size meal, i don't know, but it still makes me feel down.
I had scare myself of ovarian C as well some days ago, i found that digestive problems can be a symptom of it! Bloatedness, feeling full after eating only little, constipation, indigestion, all of it...
It is not that, i believe that somewhere deep down inside,and probably it is nothing else to worry about either, but i wish i could kill that little voice driving me to feel depressed and scared about it...
Even before this started to be a continuous problem I have felt bloated and constipated before period time, it was really uncomfortable, it would bring me to tears, but i was never scared of it.
Thank you all. And if anyone suffers from IBS-Const. as I said before, please, please, contact me.

09-11-08, 17:25

14-02-09, 22:50
hello millie iv been reading your posts and iv sort of had the same thing only i dnt get the bubbly stoamch all the time
and i feel like i wanna throw up but i think its just alot of phlem :ohmy:
and went i drink i get it stuck sometimes, iv had a bad cold for a while and i used to have asthma but i dnt think its that
also i have a whole in my heart to that sometimes cause pulpatations and i have a hurniea i think i spelt it right does anyone know anything about them? i know iv had it since i was little bu:D dunno i think sometimes it makes me feel sick :scared10:
anyway i do eat alot of potatoe and Tuna at school and sometimes i have the main meal but not all the time i dnt really like the school meals sorry for blabbering i get carred away :D does anyone have any ideas?

14-02-09, 23:05
I wonder how Mila has got on since posting here?

Reading the posts really interested me because I get a lot of the same symptoms - the bloating, the constipation, nausea and the discomfort. Gosh, sometimes my stomach looks pregnant because theres so much trapped wind in there!! And the thing I find really troubling is, I get doubled up with gripes throughout the day. I take peppermint but I don't think it has too much impact :shrug: I talked about it with my gp and he thinks I'm getting ibs symptoms brought on by anxiety, and that the antidepressants I'm now taking can help this. I'm taking citralopram, and I've noticed that since I started them, I have actually been going to the loo more often, and that has been a help. However I'm still getting really bloated out, and feeling uncomfortable. But its still early days yet. :)

13-09-09, 06:09
Hi Mille, I know its been over a year since ur last post. However I am new to the website and I found a lot of relief reading ur posts, I have the exact same symptoms and problem u were struggling with. Its seriously misrable and I dont know what to do anymore and how much I can bare it- I look like im abt to pop out a baby =-/ im so bloated. How are u feeling now, what did u do?

Thank you.