View Full Version : I need really need info on paroxetine and pregnancy please, thanks

11-06-08, 10:36
Hello there,

I was hoping to gather information on people here who have taken Paroxetine during pregnancy and how it went, I take paroxetine and would have had mixed information from my Drs, some say not a problem and some say don't take it.

If you could please tell me the dosage you were on and how long during the pregnancy you took it for.

I'm sure this would be very helpful to others here as well.

Thank you all for you input, as I am really in need of personal experiences with Paroxetine and pregnancy.

Again, thank you.

11-06-08, 10:40

my ex-partner does not suffer with anxiety but depression and she was on paroxatine when she was carrying our 18 month old boy, it had no effect on the little one and there where no complications with the pregnancy the only problem was she got VERY snappy!! We thought it was just hormones but the doctor said it can in some cases cause you to be in a "bad mood"

11-06-08, 11:16
Thank you very much, may I ask the dosage your ex-partner was taking?

Thank you.

17-10-08, 08:18
Hi Joyce,
I've been taking Aropax ( Paroxatine ) for many years and all through my last pregnancy which was 7 years ago. My daughter was born 100% healthy and still is.
Dosage I was on and still am is 40 mg, that's two 20mg tablets a day.
Hope this helps.

17-10-08, 15:32
Oh thank you very much for that,

I took my hubby and myself to see an ob and he said it would be better if i kept taking the meds, thank you thank you

21-10-08, 11:27
Hello just to let you know i was on paroxetine all the way through my pregnancy up to 50mgs at one point and my son who is now 4 years old has had no developmental problems (i was very worried about this) or thank goodness no physical problems. I hope this may provide you with some reasurence take care and good luck

21-10-08, 15:00
Oh thank you very much, I myself know I need this medication and I just feel awful that I have to take it.

Your words so reassuring oh thank you

30-10-11, 13:51
Hi, I am on sertraline and have been for 5 weeks, I feel terribly anxious, worse this 5 th week ! 2 years ago I was taking paroxetine which definatley made me feel better through an anxious spell. we are trying for a baby hence why the doctor prescribed sertraline, I to have had mixed information about taking paroxetine while pregnant but really feel I need it at the moment !
Any advice gratefully received, I feel guilty for needing anything and trying to get pregnant :wacko:

04-12-11, 12:39
I took it all the way through my pregnancy but I reduced down to 10mg because I was fearful, but I knew I couldn't manage without it at all. As it turned out, I stayed on 10mg ffrom then on until I withdrew from it completely for a few months (am back onit now).

My daughter was perfectly healthy, she was only 6lb 4oz (oddly, after being told she would be almost 10lbs!), but I am not very big myself anyway (and I still smoked, but only about 5 a day).

25-04-12, 23:10
This is so reassuring to read!
I have been taking Paroxetine off and on for several years. It really has been my lifeline as I suffer so badly with anxiety/panic disorder.
I am now 12 weeks pregnant and I have been so worried about whether it is safe to continue my medication.
I reduced my dosage down to 10mg when I found out I was pregnant.
It's good to hear I'm not the only one going through this and so reassuring to hear other women having healthy children after taking paroxetine
In any case its far more dangerous to not take meds and suffer as you're putting more risk to yourself and unborn child

02-04-13, 23:27

I'm thinking about trying to get pregnant and am now down to 4mg per day because of that. I'm seeing here that some of you were on higher dosages during pregnancy and all went well. My doctors, both my psychiatrist and OB do not recommend it at all, especially during the first 3 months.
I really would not forgive myself if something went wrong because I'm still on Paroxetine and am now thinking about having to give up the dream of being a mother, since an unbalanced mother is not a good mother at all...I'm divided and anxious.
Does anyone know if such a low dosage affects the fetus at all?

Sorry for my poor English, but i'm Portuguese.


little scientist
09-04-13, 10:38
I think if the risk to the mother is there, medication should be used - after all a recent study has identified that stress hormones in the mother can cross the placenta and affect tissue development in the developing baby. I think suggests a balance in favour of being on paroxetine.

This is a situation I may well be facing in the future as my partner and I wish to start a family and I will have to switch from citalopram