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16-06-08, 11:53
Dear All,

Finally ended up going to A & E last week (5th June). Chest discomfort / jaw ache completly exhausted. Kept me in over night, 4 ECG'S Bloods done special cardio blood test done.

Well ECG'S were all okay (depites my blood pressure being high 150/85) blood's were clear, however they did worry me when they said that the first cardiac blood test was slightly raised (they did say that this can be raised in people that do a lot of cardio vascular excercise which I do/ did?). I was in complete fear all night. I had special cardio blood test done @ six in the morning (feared to death awaiting results) however that came back fine all clear. discharged in the morning. Consultant said he would send me for the heart stress test, to (his words) rubber stamp everything.

Just beginning to setle down when Monday Morning get a call fom Hospital asking me to come in for endoscopy (cancellation).

13.00 hrs come manage to get me that worked up severe anxiety attack that blood pressure goes through the roof. Staff all looking worried. Any how staff pursuade me not to have sedation. get through it results show no ulcers or anything sinister just inflamed stomach lining due to stomach producing to much Acid /Bile.

You would think I would be jumping for Joy however still worried about angina (depite going out for a 10 mile bike ride) awiting next test.

Still get funny chest feelings and jaw pain on and off keep worrying about blood pressure despite BP reading after bike ride being 127/81.

looking for continous reassurance (not good) feeling depressed. Hopefully work are going to send me on a course of CBT.

Why can't I find peace or happiness.

Please reply if you can truly help me, I feel so lost and punish myself for putting my wife and children through this.

Many thanks in anticipation to your replies.


16-06-08, 12:19
hi, I can relate yto your problem, i suffer from jaw & chest pain & always freak out & end up in a&e & feel terrible for dragging my family & partner through it all. But I learn now just to do something else when I get these pains & think of something else, they soon go away.

Hope you are ok, welcome to pm me if you want to talk.

Jane. :)

16-06-08, 12:21
Your wife and family must be worrying themselves sick (and you know this). Your ECG was clear as was your colonoscopy, your b/p was 127/81 after a bike ride!!!

Face it you're fit, so forget about things and get on with enjoying your life and family.:yesyes:

16-06-08, 13:10
I'm glad to hear your tests are all normal - and you BP after bike ride is phenominal ! We all worry and feel guilty about the concern we heap on our families - but look at it like this - if it was the other way round you would be exactly the same - because that is what loving families do !!
You must feel very reassured now that you are physically sound, the symptoms you are experiencing are because of stress and anxiety. Having a course of CBT will really help as will talking to a counsellor. You need to understand where your stress is coming from and learn good coping strategies (there are lots on this site). The very first thing you can do is build in some relaxation time into your day - whatever you enjoy best (reading, listening to music, going for a walk) and practice some diaphragmatic breathing. There's nothing to feel bad or embarrassed about - try to accept that your anxiety levels are a bit high at the moment and this is triggering all these weird BUT HARMLESS symptoms. Talk with your wife about it, she will surely understand and want to help you devise a plan of action to help you cope and recover to you usual self. And you will. Be patient.
be kind to yourself