View Full Version : Does any one else suffering from emetophobia have horrible dreams?

17-06-08, 10:02
Hi all,

I just wondered if anyone that suffers from emetophobia has the same horrible dreams as me... They are often short but not very nice and leave me waking up in a panic and feeling extremely anxious. I dream that someone near to me is being sick, and that is literally all that happens in the dream, its really strange and im hoping im not the only one that dreams this?? Its not a very nice thing to dream about after all. Just wondered really!! Would love to hear from anyone else that has this!

18-06-08, 10:23
Hi....I often have horrible 'retching' dreams in which there is a horrible taste in my mouth and I am gagging violently. I wake up as from a nightmare, and for a second or two I think it's really happening, I find it terrifying. I think it's normal to have 'anxiety' dreams about something we fear. Not pleasant though! xx

03-07-08, 15:19
Hi Lee,

You will find that many people who suffer with a phobia, panic, anxeity, even people who don't suffer any these have bad dreams hun, YOUR NOT ALONE.

Dreams like this, are your minds way of trying to address the problem, you know, you want this fear gone, so, in your dreams, you face this fear, even in dreams it takes a hell of alot of courage, to face fear. Your mind is telling you it needs to address this problem. I know its dame hard for you hun, but you can get therapy for this fear, exposure theraply, it is NOT easy, but with time and the right support, you can overcome this fear.

There are some threads on her about this, not sure where they are, way back in this section.

Wishing you a good nights rest


12-07-08, 05:56
Yep. Even before I get to sleep my mind wonders to people getting sick. Its just horrible. I can't help it either. It just pops in mind all the time. I dream about people getting sick 4 to 5 times a week.

25-08-08, 19:44
I sometimes have dreams very rarely but i wake up sweating and i wont go back to sleep after that even if its 1 or 7 i know it's horrible.

30-08-08, 14:04
My reply is a bit late - but I read your post, Lee - and I remember once I had a dream about a guy I had been dating. He was sick in the dream. I looked it up on a dream interpretation website - and it said this meant that I thought the person was keeping something from me, that he was concealing something/not being honest with me. The odd thing was, that was exactly how I felt about him. (Turns out he had got back with his ex!)

I'm not sure dream interpretation is always useful or right - but that is what vomiting in a dream is said to mean. It's bit like the usual anxiety ones of losing your teeth or realising you have an exam you haven't revised for - I always get them when I am stressed at work.

Mind you, I often just have dreams about things I have been thinking about, or watching on TV. I dreamt I had sex with Michael Portillo once, but I had been watching the 'This Week' show when I fell asleep! (That was very weird!)