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18-06-08, 15:10
As the title says I am thinking of having therapy.

I have had 5 years of anxiety and panic attacks. I am on 10mg of citalopram and they do jack! As my attacks are now getting worse, as well as my thinking, I really think I need to see a shrink before I hit rock bottom (I don't even want to think what rock bottom could be!)

I was wondering, how do I get myself into therapy. Do I need to be refered by my Doctor or could I just refer myself? If so where abouts are these clinics, in a hospital?

milly jones
18-06-08, 16:52
hi hun,
firstly if the meds are not doing any good go and chat to gp.

ive had verious forms of therapy, some from my gp's referral some from work referrals thru occupational health.

in my experience the gp recommended me see a mental health team, first access who assessed me and gave me 1-1 counselling. i then moved onto a group cbt group for raising self esteem.

in my second episode, i again was referred back to the mental health team and this time i saw a psychiatrist who dels with my meds, and changed them. she referred me on to the psychology consultant and i now have psychodynamic therapy onec a week.

all my sessions take place in out local cottage hospital, which is an old school.

the occupational health takes place in a larger town hospital 13 miles away.

i would talk to ur gp and ak for a metal health referral for therapy.

hope ive been of help


ps i have found these sessions beneficial in trying to sort my gad and sa.

18-06-08, 17:00
Thank you so much for that, you have been a great help to me.

I need to go back next month after my 3 month trial on my meds, I will ask him if I can be refered. I'll see if I can have my dosage risen as well because they are as useful as a sugar pill.

20-06-08, 20:09
Hiya Millie

Can you clear something up for me what is psychodynamic therapy, it sounds really positive, how often have you had it and does it work, reading between the lines it sounds really empowering!
Ta chuck


22-06-08, 19:29
Ive had panic disorder now 4 2 and a half yrs!
although i didn't see a doc untill a yr in to it,
i started having cbt sessions, which at the start worked really well but it seems now that they have run their course and dont seem to be helping anymore! they also put me an betta blockers but they made me worse! but i guess every1 to there own some things work 4 people others dont!
does any1 no of anything else i could try although i dont really want to be on medication thanx

24-06-08, 02:06
I think all forms of therapy can be helpful but cbt was what built my confidence and gave me the upper hand with my anxieties. I wish you great success with whatever form of therapy you end up getting:)