View Full Version : Rivotril need your advice

18-06-08, 19:01
Hy i'm new on this forum. It has been on month since I am on Rivotril. I began at 2 mg (because I took other medication before). it was too strong my doctor told me to find a dose when I sleep well and I have energy. So I was able to go down by quarter to 1,25mg in three weeks (1,50,1,35,1,25). I try a quarter less but I didn't work, too fast, bad condition, too much anxiety. My doctor told me to stay on a dose for a month and after we will talk about going down gradually. I would like this steady dose to be 1.12mg but I'm afraid to try again. Maybe I should wait to do 14 consecutive days. It's has been 7 consecutive days on 1.25mg. I tough that maybe after 10 days I could give it a try before going back to work (july 7). I think i will be a little bit less tired in the day. Or maybe I should simply stay put at 1.25mg and wait for my doctor order ?

Do you know people who take 1mg to 1,25 mg a day for less than 2 months at a steady dose who was able to go down well gradually ? I know there side effect, but with tolerable side effect.