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20-06-08, 01:04
hi just wanted some info. I am currently taking ativan for my anxiety and panic attacks, 1mg up to 3 times a day. My sister is on Klonopin, which she says is better because you dont have to take as much medication because it stays in your system longer. What is the actual difference? Arent they both the same thing? Sorry if this sounds dumb, I have just recently started taking medications and dont have much knowledge about them. But I do have a doctors appt next week and am wondering if I should switch if I dont have to be taking pills 3 times a day, if on Klonopin I only have to take 1 to do the job wouldnt there be less of an addiction?I appreicate everyones answers and thoughts. Thanks

20-06-08, 08:12
I am no expert by any means but from what I have read your sister is right in saying that Klonopin stays in your system longer, it has a much longer half life than Ativan. They are both benzos as you rightly point out, but there are a lot of benzos out there and they all have a different make up.

20-06-08, 09:10
:) all i know is that ativan is an old benzo, and i would say klonopin is a newer one? but im not sure as have never taken it - could you google it though to find out if they are related?

20-06-08, 10:36
:) all i know is that ativan is an old benzo, and i would say klonopin is a newer one? but im not sure as have never taken it - could you google it though to find out if they are related?

I think you are right about Ativan being an older benzo, although I guess a lot of older meds are still good too. I know quite a few people who take Ativan but they mainly take it for one off things like flying or going out somewhere if they have agoraphobia etc., and I know it acts quite quickly, whereas Klonopin will take longer to have an effect but the effect will probably last longer.

20-06-08, 17:08
thank you all for your information. I just want to make the right choice so I can feel the best that I can, whether I am on the Klonopin or the Ativan. The Ativans do work very good for me but I was just thinking it might help with not getting addicted if I wasnt taking 3 pills a day. If anyone has actually taken both of the medications can you tell me if you feel the same on both, I certainly dont want to feel worse. Maybe I am just causing problems for myself by even wanting to switch if the Ativans are working. Sorry for rambling, kinda thinking out loud. Thanks again:)

20-06-08, 17:11
:) i know nothing about klonopin - i have heard of it but thats all. the prob with ativan is it does its job soooo well that it is highly addictive. my mum was on it for years and years and took it all through her cancer for obvious reasons:weep: however she offered it to me on more than few occasions when she was witnessing my 'episodes' and i have taken it a few times before she died. but i know tha tif it could get rid of all the symptoms then there was nothing 'real' wrong with me and it was just a case of learning to live with it - which has taken me 20 years:wacko: after my mum died i found alot of them and i took them over the following years, but more recreationally, than for anxiety which stangely enough when i was greiving disappeared - sorry for rambling about my ativan experience:blush:

20-06-08, 18:13
Hi there - they are both benzos as you pointed out. I wouldn't neccessarily chop and change though unless you feel you need to or your doctor recommends it. Everyone is different, and there's over 20 meds I've tried which work perfectly well for other people and not for me.

I'm not sure from background reading whether the information on longevity or how quickly these meds work given above is correct either. As I'm not sure, have a read for yourself under Pharmacokinetics :

Ativan : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ativan
Klonopin : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Klonopin

Hope this helps,


25-06-08, 03:24
Thanks for all the info everyone!!! My appointment with my doctor is this Thursday and I will just have to ask her what her thoughts are. She listens very well and takes the time with all of my concerns. Well thanks again I really appreicate everyones thought and answers.:D

30-06-08, 23:12
Ask your doc about Diazepam, American doc's tend to prescibe Ativan where as British Docs tend to prescribe Diazepam which is a much easier benzo to withdraw from later on.
Best wishes

30-06-08, 23:23
Decca - from personal experience all Benzos are difficult to withdraw from if used for more than a period of a few weeks at a significant dose. I wouldn't say Diazepam is any easier than others, and it certainly stays in your system a lot longer than most as it is metabolised and stored in the body well after the period of efficacy has ended.


04-07-08, 14:28
diazepam thou on a par with klonopin is relatively weak,if you was with drawing from klonopin your more than likely to be given diazepam to help.

klonopin(rivotril)(clonazepam) is one of the stronger benzos hence why it is very hard to convince an english gp to give it to you.
i have managed for the past few years to get it for my social anxiety,but i have a review next month and i think she may want me to cut down/come off.
we shall see,.

cinnamon how did you get on by the way?

06-10-10, 12:34
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