View Full Version : My anxiety is at an all time high thanks to a txt.

Granny Primark
22-06-08, 16:50
Friday morning I recieved a txt from my son.
It reads

One day ull drop dead of a heart attack or a stroke.
Hopefully soon.nand died at sixty hopefullyul be gone sooner, its a day I look forward to.

Daft i know but i cant stop reading it.
My anxiety is back with avengence and so is my psorisis.
Can I have a hug please cus this is the worst ive ever felt in 3 years of suffering with panic attacks.

22-06-08, 16:52
Oh Lynn,

Heres a big hug from me :hugs: im not suprised you need a bit of comfort after that!!

22-06-08, 16:56
we all do things in temper maybe hes sorrry now

22-06-08, 17:05
Oh my goodness Lynn. Don't know what to say, so sending you hugs & thoughts.





22-06-08, 17:07
:bighug1: :bighug1: for you Lynn

love Mags xxxxxx

22-06-08, 17:38
:bighug1: :bighug1: :bighug1: Lynn

Luv Kaz x:hugs:

22-06-08, 17:41
Aww Lynn sweetie, I'm sorry you're going through something so distressing, but remember we are all here for you, and we're behind you 100%.
Meanwhile, you are in my thoughts and prayers hun.

Lots of love and hugs,

Chrissy xxxxx

milly jones
22-06-08, 17:44
oh gp

please accept as many as i can find for u hun :hugs:

sorry ur hurting so much

i cant say anything to make u feel better other than im thinking of u my

mill xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :bighug1: :bighug1: :bighug1:

22-06-08, 17:48
Lynn, maybe try and stop reading it. What a horrible text. Big Hugs and Love Jesse xx

22-06-08, 17:52
hiya gp

sorry things are not good for you right now

big:bighug1: for you

jodie xx

22-06-08, 18:04
Gp...I am so sorry. Hun if you can't delete the text yourself please please get someone else to do it for you.

Thinkin of you

Pooh xxx

22-06-08, 18:40
Gp :hugs: I'm sorry you are having such a hard time at the moment

Hugs :bighug1: :bighug1:


Granny Primark
22-06-08, 19:23
Thanks for your good wishes.
On Thursday night I had to get the police round cus he rang me with death threats then came round and was trying to let my tyres down. I wouldnt press charges cus I think hes ill himself with depression.
I wish now I had.
And all this cus he says I think more of my daughter than him!

22-06-08, 19:37
Hi GP,

It does seem like he needs some kind of help and support himself, for how he is feeling. Try not to keep that message, because you will keep looking at it and it will keep hurting.

Can I ask how old is he?

Emma x

22-06-08, 19:54
Oh hun, what an awful time and thing to happen.:hugs:


22-06-08, 20:32
:hugs: :hugs: :hugs:for you Lynn at this difficult time.

I will pray for you and your son that it will all get resolved soon. Remember we are all here for you.


'Remember, your imagination is always much worse than the reality'

22-06-08, 20:38
What a nasty piece of work Lynn. Theres no excuse for texts like that.
Words mean nothing Lynn, ignore, don't let it get you down

love anx xx

Granny Primark
22-06-08, 21:04
It has really got to me cus my mums sisters died of strokes at the age of 25 and 42 and then my mum died of a heart attack age 60.
I have always had a fear of dying young cus of our family history and that ive taken blood pressure tabs since the age of 30.
He reads my posts on here i just hope he reads this and regrets what hes sent.
He was a brill caring loving son who at the moment is an evil monster who scares me.

22-06-08, 21:49
aww lynn here is some hugs from me
love debera
:hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :bighug: :bighug: :bighug:

22-06-08, 22:00
Sorry Lynn, that's an awful thing to happen, and difficult though it must be you must just tell yourself that it's his problem, not yours. How old is your son? When did he change?

22-06-08, 22:07
:hugs: :hugs: Lynn,

I pray that in time your family can heal itself and start over again. Until then, I would erase the text message. Please know that you are in my thoughts during this difficult time you are going through.

Love and more :hugs: ,

Laura :flowers:

22-06-08, 22:22
Hi Lynn,

I'm sorry you had to go through that and I'm sending you lots and lots of big hugs.

:hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:


Take care,

Mike :)

Granny Primark
22-06-08, 22:30
My son is 33 and has 2 daughters age3 and 4 weeks.
He should know better.
Ive tried be the best possible mum to my children.
Im not a bad person and im not a bad mum.
Theres a saying what goes around comes around.

23-06-08, 09:41
you know what i think mate you are a great mum nana wife and brill mate dont know what i would do without you
wayne if you read this you need to GROW up and get help your mum loves you and you dont deserve her
have some hugs from me my special mate

23-06-08, 11:17
Lynn im so sorry you have such a silly inmature son who should know better at his age :mad: , and i pray that one day he will see what a lovely funny caring lady you are. Plz delete that message and stop looking at it, it will only make you feel worse. here are some hugs for you hun

:bighug1: :bighug1: :bighug1: :bighug1: :bighug1:
take care.


23-06-08, 11:24
you know what i think mate you are a great mum nana wife and brill mate dont know what i would do without you
wayne if you read this you need to GROW up and get help your mum loves you and you dont deserve her
have some hugs from me my special mate

Sam I totally agree with you!!

Lynn I was so shocked when you forwarded me that text message at the weekend from your son...that is such an evil evil thing to say..to anyone let alone his own mother!!

Lynn, having met you, I know that you are a truly lovely lady, who thinks the world of her family and I also know how hurt you are over the fact that your son has nothing to do with you.

Sending you big hugs Lynn, from Me and Carl.

Remember, if you need me hun, you know where I am.

Kaz xxxx

:bighug1: :bighug1: :bighug1: :bighug1: :bighug1:

Hope 2
23-06-08, 11:41
Hi Lynn :flowers:

I have spent years feeling that my Mum thought the world of my brother and I was 'the waste of space'. I spent all my life seeking her 'approval'. Although things aint great still, it took me years for these feelings to fade. So although I know what that rejection feels like, your son's words leave me stuck for words. From how those who know you well speak of you I can tell that you are not the Mum your son makes out you were/are. He doesn't deserve you and it sounds to me like you are his emotional punch bag Lynn. He may have his own problems, but his behaviour is cowardly and despicable.

I wish for you, his treatment of you can some day, not affect you so deeply, yes he is your son, but no son should behave this way and get away with it.

Hope xx

23-06-08, 14:26
Delete it quick!

:bighug1: :bighug1: :bighug1:


23-06-08, 15:07

I'm shocked and stunned hun!!!! I'm so sorry your going through this with your son! I wanna give him a thick ear for that!!


Lots of love


23-06-08, 20:41
Sorry but i want to kick is head in god thats hun sorry you got that hugs and kisses.

23-06-08, 21:29
Hi Lynn

I don't know what to say, but can i just send you a big hug

You don't deserve this


24-06-08, 15:33
Awwww Lynn Hun Just Came Across This Im So Sorry Ya Son Is So Rude To You, Wish That All Could Change For All Of You ......big Hugs Hun ............stay Strong ..................linda Xxxxxxx

Granny Primark
24-06-08, 18:40
Thanks for your good wishes.
I dont feel any anger at all towards him I just feel pity. I truly think that somehow something or someone has twisted his mind.
There may come a time when he wants his family. What worries me is will I ever be able to forgive?
We mustnt have been too bad cus he lived at home until he was 28 and his partner has lived with us twice. So I think that proves what we are like.

25-06-08, 10:44
Aww Lynn thinking of you, children can be so cruel sometimes, they soon come running back with there tail between there legs, he be sorry for sending you that, keep your chin up mate,

Emma xxxx

30-06-08, 13:25
hello I dont know you ,only just read this last posting of yours ,and can only re iterate what has already been said....and send you lots of hugs

(((((((((((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))))))) )))))))))))))))))))))