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26-06-08, 13:43
Hi Is It Just Me Or Has Any One Else Had A Craving For Alcahol While Taking Paroxatine. Im At The Doctors Next Week Ill See What He Says .thanks Any Advice Much Appreciated

26-06-08, 14:54

I've been on it for years and I have not craved alcohol. I am on 12.5 mg and on the extended release type of the med. I must say that I have never been much of a drinker though, not saying you are. In the past, I only drank an occasional glass of red wine with dinner. I would be interested to hear what your doctors says though so please post his answer. Thanks. Also, hope you feel better soon.

Laura xxx

26-06-08, 16:06
I'm pretty sure there is a potential link to Paroxatine (Seroxat) and craving alcohol. Its one of the reasons I didn't take this med for more than a couple of days as I was already a heavy drinker. Looking it up now .....


26-06-08, 16:42
OK - I've deleted the PM's I had when I was put on this med, which in turn had the relevant links in. I suggest that you call your doc before next week just to let them know of this side effect and take into account your own personal circumstance. ie if you are already a drinker.

The only thing that is relevant and reliable to look at in the mean time is :


Apologies for posting links to other forums and sites, but these are the most relevant ones and the second link includes a documented clinical study. It also shows that this potential side effect isn't just linked to Paroxetine.