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22-04-05, 19:13
Hi all was just wondering dose anyone knows if Jasmin tea has caffeine? I used to drink it a lot years ago, I donít like many probs no herbal teas but Jasmin to I love the taste and aroma from it. But seems harder to get local now I have to ask my son to get it for me. I donít like the tea bags at all they seem like powder, just like the nice loose big leaved tea you can also see the jasmin flower in it too.

22-04-05, 20:51
As far as I know it's caffeine free..:D

23-04-05, 00:31
hey vern,
it's almost definitely caffeine free, i drink it all the time!
henri x

23-04-05, 00:37
No caffeine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! caffeine keeps me going, lol

Scooter Girl AKA Jade