View Full Version : MRI scan!

01-07-08, 22:07
I am having a scan done on Saturday morning at 9am. I am crapping myself...enclosed in a very small space :(


01-07-08, 23:49
Stop worrying belle, they give you a button to press if you need to get out.
The thing is with MRI is to try and keep very still while being scanned. You get a much better image if you do manage to keep still. And don't worry about the banging sound. It's what you call magnetostriction and won't hurt you.

Best of luck with the scan

02-07-08, 06:51
Hi, I had mine done a few weeks back, was also very very nervous (felt like I was going for some hideous job interview) and honestly, it was fine - I just kept my eyes shut it was actually fairly relaxing, I was just day dreaming away and then before I knew it, it was over and I swooshed out! Its a bit noisy in the machine but they'll tell you that beforehand and it feels a bit warm (but in a good way - I tried to think I was on the beach!) but its really fine...please don't worry about it!

02-07-08, 10:23
I was terrified before I had mine too. I am really claustrophobic, but it was actually almost a relaxing experience. I thought it was going to feel like it went forever, but it felt really quick. Plus it's nice when you come out and you know that you can feel better When your results come back as fine - which no doubt they will! Good luck and let us know how you go.