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24-04-05, 14:13
i wondered if any of you could give me some advice on what i can take to help me control my anxiety... and also to help me stay on top of things...
i have anxiety/panic and ocd.. im waiting for an appointment with a councellor and also possibly an anxiety management group if they get enough people interested...
i take rescue remedy occasionally... but i dont really want to go on meds if it can be helped mainly because of the side effects most of them have... i want to work hard and get on top of this... im not going to let it ruin my life but i do need some advice please

24-04-05, 14:21
Hi Blue,

Well I personally live on Rescue Remedy and Natracalm, both help to take the edge off the anxiety.

I am not against conventional med's, which have worked very well for me in the past for my depression, but seem to present a lot of side effects for me when taken for anxiety only.

Hope your appointment with the councellor comes through very soon.

Kate x

24-04-05, 14:26
hi Blue,

Try rescue remedy, cod liver oil as they have Omega 3 and Omega 6, try to eat as healthy as you can. get regular exercise (yuk)..

Sarah :D

24-04-05, 14:46
Valarian root was good for me ..


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24-04-05, 15:15
Hi blue you have the right attitude anyway thatís a good start. I was on meds years ago and stopped I also stopped alcohol with I drank heavy daily to hide from my anxiety. Any way my anxiety and fears came back big time about a year ago also have to face eye surgery and so scared of anything medical I cant even do dentists. So I decided to go on antidepressants for a while to see if it could get me through my surgery etc.
The doctor first prescribed Seroxat and when I read up decided not to take them then he offered me Prozac I asked about and looked up the med but found it helped depression but not so much anxiety and phobias. I had heard lots of good reports on sites and message forums on Cipralex, New Sarah also was on these and they helped her so much, they are even safe to take with alcohol and no interaction has been found taking these with lots of other meds, they are not as strong as lots of meds and I had no side effects with them, nor did new Sarah or anyone else I asked. So I went on these about 3 to 4 months ago. I used to wake every morning shaking with fear and anxiety but that soon went after I started taking Cipralex. Another thing I found really helps me lots is deep relaxation and self-hypnosis with positive suggestions to myself while relaxed. Relaxation has never worked in the past but I think this was because I didnít do it often enough when I felt ok I wouldnít do it, but this time I do it every morning when I wake also most nights no matter how I feel and the keeping at it does work. I am not saying take meds but not all meds are as bad, but there again not all meds have the same affect on people the same. I do feel so much better than 12 months ago; I think itís the sticking at the relaxation with affirmations. But do still get bad days, which can be expected after years of anxiety. Hope this is of some help. Vernon