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Adam Thompson
08-07-08, 09:52
sorry if this kind of thing has been covered in other threads.

last month i was prescribed 10mg a day. to cut a long story short i never took them and i went back to my docs today to ask him for alternative help (ive taken prozac before and think im only anxious about beta blockers as they have a direct association with the heart). my doctor was pretty angry that i hadnt taken my meds and insisted i took them, and if i wasnt going to take them then there was no point in continuing to see him!.

a fair point maybe, but i left feeling even more depressed and just feel as if ive no where else to go.

anyway i still cant bring myself to even try one of these tabs
i have a heart murmor but doc says i will be fine on them

will i be ok? should i try one?

Dr Kong, AKA Wayne
08-07-08, 10:06
When I went to see my GP 4 Years ago with Agraphobia and anxiety I was in such a state, I was given propranolols straight away and I didn't even know what they were at first.

Then I read the leaflet and realised they were beta blockers and they are prescribed for a few illness's.

I don't really know where I am going with this post yet! LOL

When you say they are directly involved with the heart, yes they are, and the way I look at it, at least my heart will be ok anyway as I am taking these!

Bottom line is they do work, and I questioned the GP not so long ago about are they ok to take long term etc etc, they just check your blood pressure to make sure its ok and decide what dosage you need.

This probably don't help you at all but I am just saying take them, they will help with anxiety if taken regular.
I take 40mg twice every Day.


Dr Kong, AKA Wayne
08-07-08, 10:07
oh and I had a heart murmor when I was young.

Cathy V
08-07-08, 10:25
Hi there, I think people panic about betablockers because they slow the heart down a bit, but thats a good thing as it gives your heart a bit of a rest from all those mad palpitations! The doc knows about your heart murmer (i had one after the birth of my first child, but it disappeared never to return) and he would know if taking betablockers would affect the murmer, so if he thinks they are ok to take then they should be.

Its fatal to read about side effects, if you read the leaflet that comes with painkillers youd never take one of those either! Think it was a bit mean of the doc to shout at you about it though, after all he knows you're anxious and he didnt really make you feel any better did he? i would say try them and jus see how you get on with them. Propranolol work very well for alot of people on nmp.

Best wishes
Cathy xxxx :)

Cathy V
08-07-08, 10:27
....but hey guys, its interesting to note that all three of us have heart murmers in common, wonder if theres a connection somewhere? maybe we should do a poll haha!

Dr Kong, AKA Wayne
08-07-08, 10:43
I don't even know what one is! PMSL
My Mum told me that I had one when I was a baby!

Dr Kong, AKA Wayne
08-07-08, 10:49
I agree about the leaflets that come with the drugs, I tend to not read them, I ask my GP if I have any questions / doubts. They know what they are talking about.
You need to have faith in your GP and his / her's advice.
If my GP says your ok to take something, thats good enough for me.
If you read the side affects stated in the leaflets you are more likely to slit your wrists! LOL

10-07-08, 17:40
I'm in exactly the same boat mate. I have a stack of Propranol in the cupboard that I dare not take. :( can you become dependant on them? I have issues where i get funny feelings in chest and neck and heart starts going then i worry about having panic/heart attacks lol. Doctor said they may help but since i've had them in cupboard the panic etc has been much less because i seriously would do anything not to take them! :lac: