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08-07-08, 17:40

08-07-08, 19:15
I have had 3 MRI's, 2 EEG's both came back abnormal - apparently if you have severe migraines they are supposed to come back abormal, and 2 Cat Scans. All of these tests were performed by Neurologists for migraines that I have suffered with for 30 years. They have found nothing to cause them.

Take care,

Laura xxx

09-07-08, 07:26
Ive had 1 MRI

I initially had labryinthitis (so the dr told me), so i was dizzy 24/7. I googled, got anxious and worried, and thought Brain Tumor or MS. More anxiety symptoms then appeared such as muscle twitching, limb jerking, sensitive patches of skin, weak arm, muscle pain, as well as my first panic attack.

MRI came back fine with the final result saying "Normal Study"

Its been 10 weeks now and im slowly getting better. :D (touch wood)

09-07-08, 12:14
Had a brain MRI coz I was feeling dizzy but I googled and convinced myself of the worse, drove my doctor mad, hence the referral. Of course everything was normal.

Looking back, I feel silly and panicked :blush: (I blame Dr Google). Should've listened to my doctor and stayed off the internet ........oh well, it's done now and have a healthy brain :yesyes:

09-07-08, 12:47
I have had one mri and 1 eeg both were fine, i fainted last year and fainted for the second time in a year without a reason so i got sent for scans, when i was younger i suffered with migraines and it still came back ok.

11-07-08, 13:35
I had migraines and headaches and had a full MRI (the scans are facinating of the inside of the head by the way) your eyes are out on stalks like snails! Nothing wrong of course, and I was convinced I had a brain tumour.
Still now when I have a bad migraine I think to myself how can 'nothing' in my head cause so much pain?

11-07-08, 20:54
I had an MRI to scan my back to see if there were any spinal nerve issues causing pain in my right leg. It showed up normal (couldn't find the cause of the pain), so I had a localised nerve test (ouch) which also showed nothing so they have concluded the pain is muscular. I guess I'm glad (at least I know it's not something serious).

12-07-08, 06:50
I have had three CT scans and an MRI scan over a period of 10 years. My first CT was when I was 16. After 10 years of being bugged for an MRI my GP finally gave in when I noted (and alerted him to the fact) that one of my pupils was smaller than the other.

I know what Catwoman means - the MRI came back clear, but everytime my head hurts I convince myself that it is a tumour or aneurysm that the scan missed - despite being assured by many medical persons that an MRI would not miss anything large enough to be dangerous.

Sometimes when I go through a really difficult period a scan is the only thing that seems to be able to bring me back from absolute terror, though I'm working really hard on CBT so that I don't have to rely on scans when I become unwell!

Thanks for the poll, is't really interesting.:yesyes:

12-07-08, 07:36
When I had my original MRI, the nearest place at the time that did them was a private hospital.

I was told by the nurse in outpatients that if I couldn't make it I should let them know asap as the procedure cost the hospital 500 each time.

Fortunately by the time I had my MRI my own local hospital had their own machine.

I wonder just how much each MRI costs the NHS?

14-07-08, 23:47
I had an MRI in March i'd been having pain like toothache down one side of my body and a few bits of numbness. I was CONVINCED i had a brain tumour or MS, but everything came back fine.

15-07-08, 06:45
My first one was to see the cause of my tinnitus they couldn't find the reason for it but found a brain tumour.

The second one I had on the 3rd of June was to see if it had grown.

20-10-08, 02:13
is this MRI for one of your cats or what trixie?:roflmao:

20-10-08, 06:01
is this MRI for one of your cats or what trixie?:roflmao:

No just me.:D

20-10-08, 09:56
I can't vote on this one because I've never had an MRI, but I just wanted to say I think it's a great thread, Trixie. The results speak for themselves :).

20-10-08, 10:06
I've had two. One was for what turned out to be Effexor withdrawal side effects (ye gods, I do not miss that medication), another basically from a jerk neurologist who basically threw tests at me instead of listening to what I had to say. The second one showed "potential" problems, but nothing conclusive because somehow my first MRI results have gone missing and there's nothing to compare them to. Doctor said it's probably nothing, so...I'll go with that. Apparently my current problems are just migraines, though they're pretty much painless. (Don't envy me that, though, they're really freaking horrible, I actually miss the ones that were just simple blinding pain!)

20-10-08, 12:04
I can't vote on this one because I've never had an MRI, but I just wanted to say I think it's a great thread, Trixie. The results speak for themselves :).

That is more or less why I started it. An MRI is very expensive both private ones and ones paid for by the NHS so why waste money just for the sake of it?

agent orange
20-10-08, 18:22
I had an MRI in May. I suffered slight dizziness and felt I walked off balance. I was convinced I had m.s, but brain scan came back normal. I too get achey muscles and what I presume are anxiety symptoms. I still have these symptoms, but I get the clinical letter out to reassure me. But I also have a clear brain scan. I have had long term anxiety for years and have been diagnosed as a hypochondriac and suffer from Undifferentiated Somatoform disorder(if interested check this out in a previous thread of mine).

21-10-08, 21:36
it's several years ago now but i had the MRI and whats the one where they stick all those little electrodes to your scalp and then ask you questions. Everything came back normal.:yesyes:

23-10-08, 14:12
Had umpteen MRI scans of my bile duct/pancreas and also had something called an MRE, where they pump liquid into your small bowel whilst you're in the MRI chamber. Thats fun for an anxiety sufferer I can tell you.

My last set of MRIs were all "satisfactory".

I've also had several CAT scans and ultrasounds. The ultrasounds found my gallstones in the first place, then later gave me an all clear.

All top fun.

08-01-09, 19:49
I had an MRI as was fainting etc and it was a pituarity tumor that had bled into the brain

The rest since the op to remove the tumor have been fine

had a check up one today funny enough - hate them!

08-01-09, 20:25
I had an MRI as was fainting etc and it was a pituarity tumor that had bled into the brain

The rest since the op to remove the tumor have been fine

had a check up one today funny enough - hate them!

And I had mine on Monday:D

08-01-09, 21:02
Let us know how it goes Trixie

08-01-09, 22:16
Let us know how it goes Trixie

I have one every six month to keep an eye on my brain tumour.:ohmy:

08-01-09, 22:24
Had anything changed or was it the same??? xxx

08-01-09, 22:30
Had anything changed or was it the same??? xxx

Won't know for a few weeks. I have to see the neurosurgeon in March.

08-01-09, 22:32
Hope it is all ok. xx

08-01-09, 22:33
Hope it is all ok. xx

I'll just have to wait and see.:)

29-03-09, 23:01
I had an MRI to look at my kidneys and renal arteries and aorta because I had high blood pressure and I'm young. It was fine and turns out my high blood pressure is caused by anxiety and go's down to normal when I'm not at docs and calm.

30-03-09, 13:14
I had an MRI scan and couldnt stand it as I felt enclosed and trapped :scared15: so it couldnt be completed :doh: I think it was an MRI anyway - a big machine like tunnel??? :shrug:

Granny Primark
30-03-09, 18:19
Ive had an mri scan.
I was in the tunnel for over 20 mins and I managed to cope even tho ive suffered with claustrophobia all my life.
They were so kind to me and gave me reassurance that if I felt I couldnt cope they would get me out within seconds.
It was 10 years ago and I was in an amateur dance show at the time, so I concentrated on trying to remember my dance steps then went thru all my times tables!
They found out that I had trapped nerves in my kneck due to a car accident.

31-03-09, 13:56
Had an MRI scan in december as was crippled with my back, convinced it was a tumour:doh:, wasn't, although it did show up 1 large S1/2 disc bulge and a slightly smaller bulge as well which I may still have to have an op on and also arthritis . Just wondering if you have heard anything yet Trixie from the neurosurgeon :smile:

10-08-09, 07:15
I had a CT scan on my colon and they ended up finding two tumours on each of my adrenal glands. At least they can sort it out now!!

08-09-09, 15:12
:hugs: :hugs: just so pleased to be able to say "yes they said i ws fine" :hugs:

13-08-11, 00:43
so , wat is the way to end my problem

13-08-11, 01:21
I have had 3 MRI's, 2 EEG's both came back abnormal - apparently if you have severe migraines they are supposed to come back abormal, and 2 Cat Scans. All of these tests were performed by Neurologists for migraines that I have suffered with for 30 years. They have found nothing to cause them.

Take care,

Laura xxx

Ya I've heard that too! I've yet to get an MRI, I would like one for my very bad migraines and vision problems.
The CAT scan I had after a seizure came back ok.

13-08-11, 01:24
How you cope with the claustrophobia?

30-04-12, 18:41
This is a really interesting poll, I would definitely have found it reassuring before my MRI! I managed to convince myself I had a tumour and weeks to live... turns out it was just a random epileptic seizure. Phew!

11-01-13, 17:09
About 8 years ago, before my mental problems, I went through the "brain tumour" thing after having had a shed load of headaches over a short period of time (every three days), had the MRI, and it was all fine. They do feel a bit confined, but i just concentrated on running some favourite tunes through my head to distract myself. They are crazy loud though. After a few weeks the headaches went away (well at least in that volume they did).

11-01-13, 17:27
I had a brain MRI scan in September to find the cause of burning and pain left side of head. GP told me it would be clear and was sending me for my own peace of mind and to stop me visiting the surgery 3 times a week :blush:
It was clear , I refused to believe it, so GP gave me a copy of the report.
Pain side of head was put down to stress and anxiety.

21-03-13, 14:56
I cannot remember whether I have had two or three brain scans because of my NF (please don't google about NF) it has reduced in size the thing what the eye doctor was concerned about.

As for MRI scans on other parts of the body, none, NF is something I have to live with as there is no cure at the moment.

I must be due for another scan soon since I have not had one in 10 years/11 years and have mention it to the doctors I am due for one. I have had no worrying symptoms as I have been to the eye doctor recently and he would have probably picked up something.

plus one ultrasound for adomonial pain.

12-06-13, 18:43
Yes very happy to say my MRI was Normal! BIG BIG Relief! :D:yesyes:

12-06-13, 20:39
Great news Tinker. My prayer was answered.:yesyes::bighug1:

12-06-13, 22:02
I had an mri scan in january this year, unfortunately they found a brain tumour, so now i have an mri every 3 months

06-11-14, 03:55
My head MRI for headaches and earaches came back clear, although I realized that I hadn't asked whether sinuses and eustachian tubes were included in the scan.

I was terrified ahead of time, wondering whether the results would show something sinister. But my only consolation while I waited was that I was having this test because I asked for it, not because my doctor thought it was absolutely necessary, meaning that IF they did find something sinister, it would be discovered earlier than if I had waited for my doctor to initiate this test. And earlier discovery means earlier treatment and, presumably, a slightly more optimistic outlook.

07-11-14, 04:57
last was clear...

Positive thoughts

21-11-14, 06:33
Very glad to hear it, Fishmanpa.

30-05-15, 12:28
I have just had a brain and spine MRI a few days ago, I am really proud for myself for actually going through with it,:) I was really nervous but just closed my eyes and concentrated on my breathing! It was very loud and vibrating but I managed to get it done, I am just waiting for results now!

I had it done as I have a fibromyalgia diagnosis and it is to check to make sure it is not MS or anything else causing my symptoms, which are:

visual disturbances
double vision on looking left
tingling left side of face, roof of mouth
tongue burning/scalded feeling
Creeping flesh sensations
numb patch of skin on leg
feeling of being sunburnt

Just not nice waiting for results but I will update the poll when I get them:shrug:

12-07-15, 12:42
Just an update, my scan has shown some high signal intensities in the white matter. I am having a lumbar puncture and visual evoked potential tests next.

Feeling very stressed right now:scared15:

22-08-15, 01:19
I have had two brain MRIs, ten years apart, to look for a pituitary tumor. No tumor was found. Just this week I had a breast MRI. I had an atypical breast papilloma removed one year ago and discovered, on my own, that papillomas often don't show up on regular mammograms or ultrasounds. In fact, the one I had was mostly obscured on the mammogram. I found it myself quite by accident. So, I asked to have a breast MRI this year. The docs said they always do a mammogram too. That came back clean. However, my MRI found something that they think is scarring from my surgery last year. They recommended another breast MRI in 6 months.

I had prepared myself emotionally for the claustrophobia of the exam I had this week. Amazingly, it was a brand new machine and was relatively open. I didn't get claustrophobic at all. I did, however, feel like I had laid my head on a road that was being jackhammered. The machine was incredibly noisy - many times more than the two used in my previous tests. As an anxiety sufferer, I went away feeling somewhat battered. They gave me earplugs. They were, unfortunately, not much help. I'm taking my own earplugs when I go in 6 months.

14-11-15, 19:17
I have a neurology appointment on Monday, and hopefully I will be able to get an MRI. I've had headaches for five months now, everyday and night. I'm six months pregnant and everyone tells me it's normal, but these headaches are not normal for me. I've never had pains like this and have not read any descriptions that come close to them either. I've been in panic mode for months. I really really hope this dr will give me an MRI scan. I've heard that because of the noise and my being pregnant, most wont do it. I'd like to post about my appointment and hopefully be able to post about MRI results. Till then....

14-12-15, 03:36
Hi Biscuitmuncher
How did the extra tests go after your results of high frequency in white matter? I ask because I recently had an MRI and got the same report back. My GP doesn't really know what it means so am waiting to hear from a Neurologist re an appointment. I'm scared crapless :scared15: