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11-07-08, 12:23
how many people have actually been diagnosed with m.s.? im going through hell at the moment, im convinced i have it, read loads of peoples posts on here, and i know not everyone has the same, but mine seem to be one offs. its been going on since april tingling, burning, tightening in legs, started in thighs, now its that bad, i can hardly walk, spread down to my feet, feels like a bad toothache in lower legs. had all blood tests and they are clear, trying not to google, but sometimes it gets the better of me! does m.s. show up on blood tests? had mri scan and waiting for results. surely this pain should have eased, not got worse, getting myself in a right old state. i ve even made sure everythings ( bills etc) paid, just in case. please any advice??????


11-07-08, 12:53
Search some of my old posts as I had this worry, due to tingling and numbness.

You can't tell from blood tests but things like low uric acid are a clue, but that could mean anything and usually nothing cos mine was low,.....I googled ooops.

I made my Dr send me to Neuro and he did a few tests with me and said i was fine.

An mri will most certainly tell you, however i'm sure you will be just fine, a LOT of us seem to have this fear, so I hope that helps.

11-07-08, 14:07
It could all be from problems with your spine - do you have backache as well??
In my previous posts you will see that I do have an abmormal mri scan and although not typical for ms the neurologist says that he does have ms paitnets will results like mine!! But I have no loss of motor function and I have a very damaged spine so it may be that all my tingling and weird sensations are spine and anxiety rather than ms. Even if they are ms they are not progressing to motor involvement and neurologist says as long as you have no loss of motor function then its very mild if at all. I am going to have a visual evoked potential test but have refused a lumbar puncture due to risk as even if it was positive it is so mild as to be of no interest to neurologist.

HOpe this helps from someone who has a maybe maybenot diagnosis of ms.

11-07-08, 15:52
hi joyce, yes i ve read some of your posts. guess i will just have to wait on results.
countrygirl, didnt have bad back but started getting the same sensations in base of my back. sorry might sound a bit thick here but what do you mean by loss of motor function? sorry!!

thanks guys

11-07-08, 18:56
Sorry for not explaining motor function means use of something like your leg or arm etc so if you started to lose the use of your arm or leg plus you had other sensory symptoms then that is more like classic ms.

11-07-08, 19:04
thanks for that, i have been having twitches in my legs, but i can still use them, they still feel as strong, but cant walk far because of them hurting.


11-07-08, 19:44
Hi Libbie,
I've been obsessed with MS for a year and a half now, ever since I got wobbly the ground was moving, I've also been homing on on other symtoms like buzzing in my legs, I've been to my GP four times he says it's anxiety, but I still sometimes don't believe it, it seems because anxiety affects the nervous system it can mimic neurological deseases, thats what I keep telling myself, really hard to get MS out of my head, it takes over but I hope you can get out of the pattern, all the best malkita