View Full Version : atenolol and hair loss -- HELP

26-04-05, 15:49
Hi, my name is Toni. My mom recently was hospitalized where she had two heart attacks. Once discharged she was placed on atenolol, a beta-blocker drug used to decrease blood pressure and hopefully prevent another heart attack. In the past month she has noticed a dramatic loss of hair. Clumps of hair coming out every time she brushes her hair has her in a panic state and as of yesterday is now refusing to take the medication. My question is this: Do all the drugs in that drug class cause this side effect? What else can be done? I've called the physician and I'm still waiting for a reply. I know the real experts are the people who have actually experienced the effects, so I'm asking you. This is my first time posting on any forum. Please help me. Thank you.[Sigh...]

26-04-05, 17:44
Hi Toni

Alopecia is not a well documented side effect of betablockers at all. I'd be interested in what your doctor says about it .


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