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27-04-05, 00:27
Grasping at any sign of hope I took up someones suggestion of St. John's Wort which is supposed to be good for depression. I also started taking Kali Phos (Potassium Phosphate) as a homeopathy remedy and the results are very positive. I still get ectopic heartbeats and a tight chest but very infrequently now and even the ectopic heartbeats are not bothering me. This has definitely taken the edge off things. Apparantly the St Johns Wort takes 2 weeks to work and I've been on it for two weeks now so maybe things will improve further.

I figured that if my health problems were phsychological, then why not treat my mind rather than my body?

Just a word of warning, it is not advised to take this with certain other medicines and the usual warnings about pregnant mothers and young children apply. PLEASE READ UP AND MAKE SURE THIS PRODUCT IS FOR YOU.

Good luck everyone.

27-04-05, 09:17
I started St. John's Wort about three weeks ago but have yet to feel any effect. Am glad that it's working for you - hopefully that means it will work for me too!! :D

27-04-05, 09:49
Glad you're feeling better from it ..


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27-04-05, 11:38
Hi Moose

Glad to hear that the Kali Phos is working for you....its great news.


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09-06-09, 10:59
I've just taken kali phos for the first time today and am now experiencing a new symptom for me, tightening of the throat. I know that this can be a side effect of potassium phosphate so not sure if i'm suffering the side effects or if this is just another symptom for me....

I'm too scared to go to bed now and panicing because I know I must get to sleep now to get up for work in the morning.

Has anyone else experienced tightness in the throat after taking kali phos?