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The Fool
14-07-08, 15:07
hi i havent been having the best time at the min as have something going on and its been making me so mad so i wrote a song and i feel alot better now i no your probs sick of hearing about my boy probs or reading my songs but i dunno i just wanted to put this somwere you dont have to read it if you dont want to but i cant face telling the person any fo thsi stuff so um i guess this is the next best thing its called nothing left.

Log on.
hold my breath,
nothing.not a trace of you.
cant help but wonder.Whats wrong with me?
was it something i did or something i said?

yeh you left me alone.
with no friends,
feel so cold.
and i hate you.i hate you
but hate is such a strong word
becuase i still love you,
i think.

oh,please tell me.
when did you move on?
how did i fall so behind?
lost in memories,of long ago.
but it seems like,
that you were,

leaning over,whispering in my ear.
making me laugh!
making me cry!oh why?
is it?was it? all a game to you!
a broken heart.
bonus points!

you left me alone,
with no friends,
feel so cold.
and i hate you,i hate you so!
but hate is such a strong word,
because i still love you.
i think

i hate you?oh,i love you?
im so confused!

then i realise,
theres nothing left,
an empty heart,
no feelings
for you.

charli x

milly jones
14-07-08, 15:54
hey charli

we can all relate to the lyrics hunny

hope ull feel more like singing again soon

mill xxx

The Fool
14-07-08, 21:26
thanks :)

Cathy V
14-07-08, 21:58
Charli, if you really did write this song yourself, then i think you have a great future ahead of you girl! I know its your pain thats made you write it and im sorry for that, but its a really good song...send it into the Jonas brothers ok?

Cathy xxx :)

The Fool
14-07-08, 22:04
lol i did really write it myself 100% i swear and im not boastin but it only took me about 10 mins!!! hmmm send it to the jonas brothers i might just do that! thanks!

14-07-08, 22:24
hiya hun thats really good and u r very talented i hope you can put this to good use and make a nice fortune for ya self hugs xx