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27-04-05, 14:34

sorry for being a bit of a thickie but i've just got a few qu's about anti d's.[Duh!]
I was on prozac for 6 wks and didn't do anything for me except give me the shakes and make me more anxious than anything, so am now on efexor xr. After 2 weeks I am feeling so much calmer and haven't had a panic! (yay) I still get anxious and some days I am still down and negative. Is this normal? I kind of thought once you felt the effects u would just get better and better, so can you still experience bad days? And when do you know you are feeling the full effects? is it when you are leading a 'normal' life again? do they then wear off? - sorry for all qu's!!


27-04-05, 15:25
Hi again Lisa,

I am not an expert on the long-term effects of SSRIs because I've only been on Celexa for 8 weeks, but I can say that what you are experiencing is normal. I started to feel calmer 2 weeks ago, and the good days are outnumbering the bad. But like you, I am also having little bouts of anxiety (which i think means that our bodies are still getting adjusted to the meds) and am struggling with dpression. I think that the depression is linked to the fact that both of us have been "on a break" due to our symptoms, and this can be frustrating and defeating. The point of the meds is to calm you down so that you can work on the thought patterns that got you here in the first place....they are not a magical pill that makes all your worries go away (darn!). So we are going to have to work on that. My pharamcist also told me that the effects continue to increase over time, so don't worry it will get even better. Don't know how to tell if they are fully working, I'm struggling with that myself, but don't think that the effects are going to wear off. Hope this helps, take care

The other Lisa [:P]

27-04-05, 16:11
hi Lisa,

With anti-ds, your bad days will happen a lot less often until hopefully, after a while, they disappear altogether. When I was on Cipralex, my bad days pretty much disappeared after about 4 months but they happened less often after about one month..Hope this helps.

Sarah :D

27-04-05, 16:15
that does help Sarah,
thank you so much.. Its just I never know what to expect from one day to the next. I had a PA last night but havne't let it ruin today.. i feel pleased about that.
thanks again,

27-04-05, 16:31
That's definitely a sign that you are getting think under control - well done!! :D