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16-07-08, 22:28
Ok bit of history, my anxiety seems to come and go, each time it comes back it seems a little less and I have been working hard trying to think positively. With me my anxeity/HA rears its ugly head after a stressful event I cope well with the problem, then when things settle down I for some reason starts to get symptoms again.

My husband has just gone back to work after having a hospital stay, it was the first time he had been in hospital and for the week he was there I coped well with my 2 kids.

The first day he goes back I didn't really give it much though, he has a life long condition and stress can bring on an attack, and his job can be stressful at time, and I suppose sub-consciously I might have been worrying. When he came home from work I said I was feeling ill and went to bed, I was sick a few times, that was monday, and since then I fell sick when I wake up, never had this before, thinking it might be a bug, but coincidental it happens on the same day, now I know anxiety can cause I whole heap of symptoms, but its like everything that is wrong with me is put down to anxiety, I cant help thinking but this time what if .......................

Rambling on I know, just went to bed to sleep and mind racing and could feel a PA brewing so got up and did something about it.

17-07-08, 18:30
oops guess I did ramble on and didn't make any sense.

17-07-08, 18:44
Hi Mev,
After i have had a panic attack it takes me 3-4 days to fully recover, and i also get the sick feeling in the mornings too, once i'm more relaxed it tends to fade away.


17-07-08, 19:38
I think I may have responded to you in another thread but hugs and hope you feel better soon.