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lou lou
17-07-08, 18:44
Hi, i've recently started with terrible panic attacks, about 3 months after my first son was born, (he's now 7 months) i was wondering if anyone who has experienced PND could offer me any kind of advice, at first i thought i was coping very well of course i was tired but i didn't feel anything was paricularly bothering me, now i have panic attacks almost every other day, i've seen what feels like a million doctors, i've has countless ECG's, chest x-rays & blood tests & they've all come back fine, i feel like i'm going mad & that there's no light at the end of the tunnel, i love my son to pieces, but i feel like i can't enjoy him because these panic attacks have taken over my life, i'm scared to be alone & i'm scared to go out, i just want to be how i used to be,the happy & lively louise.
Any advice would be much appreciated

Hope 2
18-07-08, 01:00
Hey Lou :flowers:

I am no expert but I did have bad PND. I had the odd major panic attack, but for me it was severe OCD that caused the isolation etc. The main thing that helped me over come the acute stages was CBT. Have you had any counselling or other support other than the tests ? Hey and don't be beating yrself up either for having pnd, cos u just make yr self worse :hugs: xx You can get yr life back hun, it just takes time and some effort on your part.

Take care
Hope xx

18-07-08, 14:34
Hi Loulou, have you spoken to your health visitor? He/she can maybe refer you on for some support (maybe CPN for anxiety management) or can maybe speak to the GP on your behalf about a referral for counselling? Sometimes there are support groups for PND too, though a lot depends on where you live. Give your health visitor a call....Im sure they'll be able to help and at the very least can provide a sympathetic ear and give you and your family some information on the illness.

hope this helps

luv Coni XX

18-07-08, 17:15
Hi loulou.
I had my daughter in 2003 and even though it was 5 yrs ago now I know for a fact that that was the trigger for all my problems I have now. Before I went to work and had a busy life and then pow,I was in the house with a baby 24/7 and everything fell apart. I phone my husband constantly and worry all the time about his driving thinking he is going to have an accident all the time it drives him nuts.I have horrendous panic attacks(or what I think re panic) I too have had E.C.G's,echocardiograms,blood tests and scans which all came back ok and still I worry. I get about 4 hrs sleep a night and am a shadow of my former self. I tend to hide a lot of it and pretend to everyone I'm ok but I'm anything but. I do know where you are coming from and I urge you to ask for help because if I had done so early on I wouldn't feel like this now. I have a new doc now who has referred me for counselling which I am positive about so I hope this will improve my outlook on life.You are not going mad pet,it's just the anxiety taking over.
I hope you soon feel better and send me a PM if you need any advice,I will be thinking of you.

lou lou
18-07-08, 19:34
Thankyou i had a health visitor to begin with but she stopped coming about a month before i started having the symptoms, actually i have one coming to see me on monday!
i feel the worst today than i ever have for some reason, feel so stupid,i'm so bad that i've spent the whole day writing letters to my family & my baby in case something happens to me.
i'm just so sick of constantly feeling like i'm going to die, i know i need to change the way i think but it's so so hard, i've heard the term depression used in the past but know i know what it is i wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy!
Thanks again for all your advice

19-07-08, 11:28
Hi Lou, sorry you're not feeling any better and Im glad someone is coming to see you on Monday. Try, if you can, to be as honest as possible and tell her exactly how you've been feeling, all your symptoms, fears etc.

If it helps jot some stuff down beforehand cos if you're anything like me I get so wound up I 'forget' half of what I want to say. You will get better Lou and things will gradually improve but it will take time and this is the first step in the right direction. In the meantime try and look after yourself properly, try and eat well and get some rest, accept any offers of support from family etc.
:hugs: :hugs:
luv Coni XX

21-07-08, 06:22
I had severe PPD after my daughter was born in May 07. I was sent home from the hospital and then ended up back in the next morning with major high blood pressure and was readmitted but because I wasnt on the maternity floor I could not keep my baby with me. My husband was super busy at home with our 14 mnth old so my mom took my daughter at night to help him out. They unforunately were not able to visit much so I completely missed out on bondign with her for the first two weeks. I became very depressed in the hospital and stopped eating etc. When I got out I was on 4 different medications and felt horrible. Those meds were for BP alone. I found myself almost blming my daughter for what happened which is not rational. I ended up feeling very suicidal so I went to the ER and they sent me to the crisis team. All they did was give me medication so strong that all I did was sleep. I wasnt allowed to be alone with my kids or even dispense my own meds. It was horrible. It went on for months. I felt so distanced from my baby. I decided to start exercising one day and that was the best thing ever. I became very into it and started to feel better and better. I began to bond with my baby and just feel good! She is 14 mnths now and we are totally bonded and I am off all BP medications from the exercise and healthy eating. So I highly recommend that.
Please feel free to pm anytime if you want to chat, I know how alone you can feel.
Feel better soon.

26-07-08, 12:23
Hi lou,

i can totally relate to this and i really feel for you. My daughter is now 10 months but when she was 7 weeks I had my first horrible panick attack,mostly heart related and i was so sure i was going to die! I kept being told i may be depressed but i wasnt, i enjoyed my daughter,looking after her,doing the things i used to do,i could still laugh, i just felt so incredibly agitated and nervous all the time.

Well, im feeling alot better now and can get through most days normally but it has taken time and at the time i couldnt see the light at the end of the tunnel either and i was so scared i might leave my baby behind and she wouldnt know her mother.

Really, i think counselling might do you good, it really helps to be distracted and to change the negative way of thinking-it helped me anyway,i also read up on the physiology of it and when a pa came on i would sit and describe to myself what i was feeling and why and it helped calm me down!

Hope you feel better asap