View Full Version : Seroxat, helping i think but i'm a bit giddy!

Worried worrier!
17-07-08, 22:29
Hi there everyone.
I've just started taking Seroxat again just a week ago.
I know it's supposed to take a while to kick in but am beginning to feel it already.
Side effects haven't been too bad, i'm bit shaky and a bit drowsy but it maybe because i've been on diazepam as well until tmrw.
I know Seroxat has had alot of bad press but i have come off it twice due to pregnancy at the time, and was lucky enough to not get any of the bad side effects they warn you about.
I've had an awful couple of weeks and came off citolapram because it wasnt helping me....obviously it helps many other people.
I'm beginning to feel alot better, fingers crossed it is the Seroxat!
One thing i have noticed is that it sometimes makes me a bit giddy like i've had a couple of red bulls! I can't stop talking, also I have a habit sometimes where i stick my bottom lip out and it happens even more when i'm on seroxat. Has anyone else had this strange giddy sensation?

21-07-08, 20:17
I take seroxat, you need to take it for 4 weeks until it comes into full effect, it will help you, it's great for me.

Don't stand up too quickly it makes it worse.

You will have other symptoms come, so don't worry after 7 weeks they will all subside.

Good luck

Why didn't you stay on something for your pregnancy? that must have been hard for you?

Worried worrier!
24-07-08, 17:32
Hi there, and thanks for the reply. I was taken off the seroxat when i was pregnant and for some reason i was fine throughout both pregnancies...must've had something to do with my hormones.
I've been back on Seroxat for two weeks and i'm shaking like crazy. I can't even write properly. I'm sure i had these symptoms when i first started taking them last time. Did you have this?

28-07-08, 14:33
Oh yeah shaking is very normal (tremor) it will go away but a bit of tremor remains.

You will have vivid dreams though and possibly sexual disfunction (lack of orgasim) sorry to embarassing, just in case you were wondering and most people don't ask the Dr.

But you have kiddies to attend to, lol