View Full Version : anouther song but cant finish it!!

The Fool
19-07-08, 11:00
hey guys this is anouther song been working on it for a few weeks but i cant think of how to end it!!! here what i have so far.

lifes no fun
such a drag
stuck in the same old loop hole
day after day
so slow

come set me free
from me
come be my superman

you'll be the one who makes me me
just looking in your eyes
makes me forget the world
the sound of your voice
makes my heart smile
and my soul sore

fly away with me my

there you go i will try to finish it! lol


Cathy V
19-07-08, 11:27
I think theres only one person who can finnish it Charli, but great so far :yesyes: xxxxxx

The Fool
19-07-08, 11:31
thanks! i will just keep thinkng about who it is about it will come to me lol